Sweet and Sauer Pork Medallions with Apples

Jan 20, 2011 by

Did you see how I did that word play? Sweet and Sauer? Get it? Oh boy, I think these pain meds are making me even more redonkulous, which is hard to do. Anyway, like many of my now-famous dishes, this dish started in my mother’s kitchen, a bunch of things thrown together that just happened to work with a German flare. I used the crockpot for...

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Whiskey Pulled Pork

Nov 2, 2010 by

There’s very few things I like in life better than booze Taye Diggs’s ass,┬ánaps, a good meal. But when the planets align and I can combine two of my loves, I’m a happy woman. My oven is still broken and I think pulled pork should always be made in a slow cooker anyway, so I used my crock pot for this. I literally threw all the...

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