Unstuffed Cabbage Soup

Jan 3, 2011 by

Ok everyone, are you ready for some healthy recipes to start off 2011? There’s really no better way to get in a ton of protein and vegetables at once other than a good, hearty soup, and this one is chock full of both and so delicious. Made with a homemade stock, it’s full of nutrients and packed with vitamins and minerals. I’m...

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Crockpot Beef Bean and Cabbage Soup

Oct 5, 2010 by

Ok so I know some people who eat primally shun legumes. There’s some compelling arguments why, but for me, I think I’d dig myself a shallow grave and weep bean-free tears until I mummified myself if I could never have peanut butter again. I tolerate them well and can’t deny the nutritional impact some legumes deliver. That being...

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Twice Cooked Chicken and Cabbage Stir Fry

Jul 27, 2010 by

The other night we cut up and sauteed a head of cabbage with just some salt and butter as a side to our dinner. Mike kept saying how much it reminded him of a dish he used to get as his favorite Chinese restaurant at a place he lived before we met. Part of cutting out grains and sugars is that we no longer order the Chinese food every Friday night...

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