Asparagus Quiche with a Savory Sweet Potato Crust

Feb 20, 2012 by

Sometimes I honestly have no idea where I come up with things. I liken it to an artist who looks at a pile of clay and creates something from nothing.  Usually, it’s because I have X,Y, and Z in the fridge and they’re about to go bad and I HATE wasting food. I also love mixing sweet and savory flavors so I took the sweet potato and...

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Bacon-Wrapped Mini Salmon Cakes with Asparagus

Sep 16, 2010 by

Yeah, okay. That’s a really long title. What I wanted to call these things was LITTLE BITES OF AWESOME but, alas, that doesn’t query well in search engines. I have to give credit where credit is due. This recipe is entirely my original creation. No one else’s. However, it was Dan from At Darwin’s Table who got my wheels...

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