Daily Menu

This is where I will be sharing my daily menu for the next 30 days.

Keep in mind, I am not your typical three-meal-a-day person. I often fast through breakfast (and my “fast” I mean “drink a large cup of coffee with heavy cream) and eat sometime around 10-11 am after the kids are out to school, the house picked up, and a few hours of work in.  Then I am both hungry and relaxed enough to cook for myself.  So I’ll call this “brunch.”

And though I DO  have the ability to cook for myself since I work from home, there’s no reason the meals I make during the day could not be made the night before (as my husband does) or just double your dinner for next-day leftovers. I will then have an afternoon “snack” pre-WOD and then dinner at 5:30 with my family (the only meal I keep on a strict schedule).

I will be taking photos of my food when I can (and remember!)

Thursday, Sep 20

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