The Best Paleo Maple Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookie ...

Sep 27, 2012 by

I have this recipe for The Best Grain-Free Gluten-Free Paleo Bread (In the history of man) that I posted almost two years ago that has almost 200 comments, of which almost all are people testifying that the bread was awesome  and they loved it and it changed their wee grain-free lives. So I don’t take it lightly when I call these the Best...

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Paleo Chocolate Covered Raisin Clusters (Raisinets...

Sep 4, 2012 by

One of Mike’s favorite old school treats was that big yellow box of Raisinets. At the movies, we’d get a large popcorn and a box of those babies and eat ourselves to a stomach ache. Now, even though we do indulge on occasion with traditional “treats,” I always have my brain on, trying to find ways to make them...

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Paleo Dark Chocolate Cherry Chunk Espresso Brownie...

Jun 10, 2012 by

I’m kind of torturing myself right now on a multitude of levels. One, I’ve made the decision to take a couple weeks off from CrossFit which also means I’ll be missing running the Warrior Dash with my husband and friends next weekend. Two, I am on Day 1 of another 21-day sugar detox and posting this damn recipe is some form of...

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Paleo Almond Clusters

May 8, 2012 by

During my brief interim between going off sugar, I made these little treats hoping to recreate something crunchy – close to a cookie but without flours or too much sugar. I was kind of aiming for a nut cluster but as I added the ingredients together, it came out tasting like granola bar meets oatmeal raisin cookie (without the oatmeal or ...

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Paleo Bananacado Fudge Cupcakes

Feb 3, 2012 by

You know how when most normal people are falling asleep, they think of what they did that day, what they need to do, things that make them happy, things that stress them out? I think of avocados. Well, rather I did this week. They had a sale at Sam’s club for the large bag of 6. And sure, I could make guacamole but Charlotte and I are the...

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Paleo Onion Sesame Crackers

Jan 4, 2012 by

There’s a reason I don’t make crackers often. I think there’s also a reason they’re called “crack”-ers.  I CANNOT STOP MYSELF. I think a lot of people think that going “paleo” and removing grains from their diet means they have to give up a lot of things they used to love. Or that making things like...

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Grain-Free Cranberry Almond Cookies

Nov 15, 2011 by

I hadn’t baked in a while and I won’t be really doing much baking in the next few weeks (we’re doing a 60-day challenge which I’ll tell you more about tomorrow and ask you to join me! and win prizes! and! more! fun! things!), so I decided to use up the coconut flour I had. I totally winged (Is that the past tense of...

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Grain-Free Paleo Blueberry Crumb Muffins

Sep 30, 2011 by

I had made this recipe a while back and sacked it away in my imaginary cookbook secret stash, but after making them for a few friends it’s been deemed they need to go live. Or there were some threats against life and limb. And pets. It was originally posted over at The Spunky Coconut as a guest post while she was having her baby. If you need...

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Pepita Parmesan Crackers with Warm Scallion Dip

Feb 14, 2011 by

Pepitas – pumpkin seeds – are a nutritional powerhouse, rich in essential fatty acids, magnesium, and Vitamin A.  They’re also really yummy, both crunchy and soft and lend an amazing texture to a cracker. These crackers are delicious on their own, with cheese, a little pat of pastured butter (I seriously could eat pastured...

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Power Balls

Feb 7, 2011 by

I wanted to name these WOD Balls since that’s really why I created them – for pre-WOD energy or post-WOD recovery – but um, “WOD Balls” leaves just too many jokes open. I rolled these into small balls for better portion control but the reality is you could make them into bars or squares or whatever floats your Ball...

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Candied Walnuts

Jan 18, 2011 by

I’m going in for that wee baby surgery tomorrow so posting may be a bit light this week but I wanted to leave you with something quick and easy that you could literally do in five minutes. The other day we were having a salad and I decided to try my hand at roasting some sweet walnuts to go with the balsamic chicken, mesclun greens, and...

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Grain-Free Dairy-Free Coconut Pumpkin Muffins

Jan 14, 2011 by

This post submitted to Real Food Wednesday! Go check out some other Real Food Recipes. Remember my Pumpkin Pie Protein Smoothie? Yeah, well I used canned pumpkin and still had some in the fridge. I HATE wasting food so I figured I had to use it somehow. So why not bake? These came out incredibly moist and flavorful. Only issue? I can’t stop...

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Homemade Lara Bars

Nov 17, 2010 by

In my constant quest for a recovery food after my morning Crossfit WOD, I discovered Lara bars. Made only of fruit and nuts, these bars are totally grain/gluten/dairy-free and offer a great source of good fats, protein, and carbohydrates in the form of fruit. And as much as I love Lara bars and all their amazing flavors, they can get kind of...

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Sesame Seed Crackers

Jul 19, 2010 by

Ok, so if you follow my other blog you know that yesterday was one of those “My god, why can’t anything go right? And where the frack is something salty and crunchy to SHOVE IN MY WHINEHOLE because OMG stress stress stress! EAT EAT EAT!” But I didn’t. At the end of the day, in that quiet time after the kids are in bed, I...

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Grain and Gluten-Free Cheez-Its

Jul 3, 2010 by

This recipe does contain dairy since I can tolerate it well and that’s just one thing I won’t cut out. I do eat whole fat organic dairy and that’s the kind of cheese I used in this recipe. I found a recipe for cheese crackers in this book which I LOVE. I highly recommend it for learning to cook and bake with almond flour. Click...

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