Amaretto Cranberry Chocolate Chunk Cupcakes

Nov 16, 2012 by

Last week, I received my new device in the mail from Verizon as I am one of the Verizon Savvy Gourmet bloggers – an LG Intuition. I’ve been playing with it and haven’t really come to any great conclusions about it yet. It’s bigger than my Samsung Galaxy S3 but light as well, not overly clunky. The screen is great quality...

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Grain-Free (Paleo) Gingerbread

Nov 6, 2012 by

Wherever I go, there’s always that one person who will say “well, so-and-so said that XYZ is not Paleo.” And then I punch them in the face and run away. (And by “run” I mean “hobble rapidly” as I am still dealing with plantar issues so bad I could cry.) Part of the reason I eschew¬† the word...

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Paleo Lemon Poppyseed Tea Biscuits

Oct 10, 2012 by

A friend of mine recently lamented that he missed lemon poppyseed muffins since going Paleo and then demanded I come up with a recipe for them. Most people do that, actually. But it’s a good thing because it keeps me on my toes always trying new things. While I didn’t make muffins exactly, I decided to make little biscuits instead....

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Perfect Flourless Paleo Zucchini Muffins

Jul 31, 2012 by

I’m calling these perfect because it took at least three tries to get these right. Look, I love myself and all but I’m not saying this to be arrogant: I rarely, if ever, don’t get a recipe right. Normally when I decide to make something, I get it right or at least very close, the first time. It’s my art; it’s what...

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Paleo Dark Chocolate Cherry Chunk Espresso Brownie...

Jun 10, 2012 by

I’m kind of torturing myself right now on a multitude of levels. One, I’ve made the decision to take a couple weeks off from CrossFit which also means I’ll be missing running the Warrior Dash with my husband and friends next weekend. Two, I am on Day 1 of another 21-day sugar detox and posting this damn recipe is some form of...

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Paleo Zucchini Jicama Latkes

May 3, 2012 by

I have a thing for latkes and hashbrown-esque foods (as evidenced by my Turnip and Rutabaga Latkes or my Butternut Squash and Parsnip Hasbrowns) . Maybe it’s because it indulges my love of crispy fried things. Maybe it reminds me of breakfast potatoes which I very rarely indulge in. Maybe I just love food. Yeah… that. I’ve tried...

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Paleo Pina Colada Muffins

Mar 5, 2012 by

This was one of those things I threw together on a whim on a Sunday night because I happened to have the ingredients on hand and pineapple + coconut = awesome. Also, it literally took 10 minutes to make the batter, pour them in the tins, and clean up. My kind of treat. I used coconut cream in this recipe, which is simply the thick part of the...

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Paleo Bananacado Fudge Cupcakes

Feb 3, 2012 by

You know how when most normal people are falling asleep, they think of what they did that day, what they need to do, things that make them happy, things that stress them out? I think of avocados. Well, rather I did this week. They had a sale at Sam’s club for the large bag of 6. And sure, I could make guacamole but Charlotte and I are the...

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