Weekly Mean Plan 2 and Recap of Week 1 of Whole30 ...

Dec 2, 2012 by

Well, Week 1 is in the books and after a week of what can only be described as the worst PMS ever, I am finally turning a corner. The cravings are mostly gone – at least for ALL! THE! THINGS! I didn’t realize how often I’d just pick up one of the kids snacks and pop it in my mouth until I had to NOT do it. Last week, I wanted to...

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Detox Meal Plan Week One

Nov 25, 2012 by

I revamped our original weekly meal plan based on what we had in the house and what we picked up at the store this morning. We sat down this morning and made a shopping list, as well as a to-do list to make sure we were prepared for the week. I’ll be posting my meal plans on Sundays for the next few weeks. I think this can help all of us...

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10 Tips on Starting a “Detox” Protocol

Nov 23, 2012 by

Ok, so as I mentioned in this last post (thank you all for your  kind and supportive words, by the way; you guys really are amazing), Mike and I are starting a 28-Day Clean Eating/Sugar Detox challenge on Monday. We’re following the guidelines of a Whole 30 as well as Balanced Bites 21-day Sugar Detox. Basically, we’re eliminated ALL...

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One year wiser

Nov 5, 2012 by

Seven Crossfit Life Lessons That Carry Over Into Real Life From The Year I Was 31. Which I no longer am. Also: I think I need Botox. And wine. Carry on. (My wayward son.) (Ha. Now you have that song stuck in your head, dontcha?) (Dontcha wish your girlfriend was hot like me?) (Now you HAVE that song stuck in your head!) 1) Finish. If you start...

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Oct 17, 2012 by

Some people would argue that if you have a diet rich in whole foods, leafy greens, quality meat and full-fat organic dairy, you don’t need additional supplements in your diet. And while I agree that a wholesome, rich diet is the best way to take care of your body, there are so many studies that show benefits additional herbal supplements....

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Book Review: Practical Paleo by Diane Sanfilippo

Aug 19, 2012 by

I received a free copy of Practical Paleo: A Customized Approach to Health and a Whole-Foods Lifestyle to review (which by the way is on sale through the links at Amazon for under $22 and free shipping with Prime, which is crazy for such a HUGE book) ; however, the opinions are solely my/his own. Co-written by fellow Paleo/CrossFit friend,...

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It Starts With Food Book Review

Jul 25, 2012 by

I received a free copy of It Starts with Food to review; however, the opinions are solely my/his own. Co-written with fellow Paleo/CrossFit friend, Getty. Lots of authors have attempted to help readers implement a paleo/primal lifestyle into their home, which is a massive topic to cover in one book and can lose you in either the recipes, rules,...

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I’m kind of Savvy

Jul 17, 2012 by

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Verizon and asked if I wanted to join their new initiative and become a Verizon Savvy Gourmet – aimed at bringing technology into households and into the kitchen. I’d get a device to use in my daily life and, in return, would simply write about the product and how I use it as a food blogger, mom to...

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Staying Gluten-Free at Summer Parties/BBQs

Jun 28, 2012 by

Summer means farmers market season, fresh herbs and vegetables, and lots of grilling, which we’re celebrating in this Light & Fresh Summer Grilling series, brought to you by Michelob ULTRA Light Cider. In Iowa, it means the sweetest corn you’ll ever taste and big red tomatoes I eat like apples. I love Midwestern summers, especially...

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A Glimpse In My Fridge and Freezer

Jun 19, 2012 by

So, last week I came across a post from Liz over at Cave Girl Eats where she took photos of her fridge and freezer. And I remember that Holly had done it too (and her pantry!). For some reason, seeing inside other people’s cabinets and fridge satisfies some creepy food voyeurism within me, especially when it’s someone who really lives...

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The Story of a Former Fat Girl

May 16, 2012 by

I hid behind her. She was funny and smart and friendly. People liked her and gravitated towards her humor and personality. I stood in her shadow and rooted for her. She tried and failed. But she tried. She had jagged scars on her belly, thighs, breasts. Some were road maps of the babies she carried; others there before she was twelve years old and...

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What I’ve Been Eating on the 21-Day Sugar De...

Apr 12, 2012 by

I mentioned that I would let you guys know what we’ve been eating and what recipes I have that I can recommend for those of you thinking about starting this detox. One of the easiest parts of the past few weeks has been eating. The food I make isn’t bland or boring, I’ve been using way more herbs and spices, and have really been...

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Week 1 of the Sugar Detox

Apr 8, 2012 by

I cut out all sugar last Monday. As in everything. No fruit, no honey, no alcohol, and very, very limited dairy (literally just a splash of cream in my coffee). I’m mostly following Diane’s (of Balanced Bites)  21-Day Sugar Detox, in case any of you want more info and more science than I am qualified to give. I did this for a number...

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Paleo/Primal Tips,Tricks, and Links

Nov 27, 2011 by

After eating this way for the last 18 months, I can honestly say that it is one of the easiest, simplest ways to live your life. Eat Real. Food. The end. But I know it’s not that easy starting out, especially when you’re new and trying to unlearn things that have been drilled into our heads for our whole lives (eat whole grains! lots...

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The Five Stages of a Crossfit WOD

Oct 14, 2011 by

You know how there are five stages of grief? And for some people, they take longer at each stage to process and move forward? Well, I’ve convinced myself that there are five similar stages for each person going through a crossfit WOD, particularly the really daunting difficult ones (Nutts and Murph, I’m looking at YOU). 1) Kickassery...

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Getting over the Fear

Oct 6, 2011 by

When I first started Crossfit, I was around 240-250 pounds, in no shape whatsoever and was more terrified of walking in those doors than I had ever been about anything. This was me on that first day and, believe me, this is NOT easy for me to put out there: But I do it because if it helps one person identify with me and my body and make them do...

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Dear Crossfitter: Be Kinder To Yourself

Aug 3, 2011 by

“I suck,” my husband puffs out, red-faced and soaking wet, as he walks in from one his first few sessions Crossfit. “You do not suck. You did it. I’m proud of you.” “But I got smoked by a guy at least fifteen years older than me. And one without a tricep muscle!” “Babe, it’s hard. It’s...

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Get Stoked to Pack Lunches!

Jul 5, 2011 by

Since my husband and both kids are gluten-intolerant, packing lunches and snacks is a part of our every day life. I often look to Primal Kitchen’s site for inspiration when I’m starting to worry that my kids will revolt if I pack one more ham & cheese roll-up. I am so thrilled she was willing to post some tips and tricks for...

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My Favorite Summer Recipe Round-Up

Jun 25, 2011 by

It’s raining. And 65 degrees out. On June 25. In Iowa. Not Russia. I don’t think there are adequate words in the English language to describe how much I hate the weather out here.  I should be sitting outside with a glass of chilled wine watching my kids play in the sprinklers. Instead I’m inside making soup and stock, I kid you...

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Why we drink raw milk

Mar 17, 2011 by

This is where I get my milk: Her name is Cuddles. This is her farmer, filling up my milk jugs. If you buy milk from the supermarket (and I did for the last 30 years), this is how you get your milk: Many people react in shock when I tell them I drink raw milk.  Not only that, but I feed it to my kids. The horror! Aren’t I worried about...

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