Perfect Storm

Oct 26, 2010 by

Let’s just set the scene: Daycare is closed this week, Mike is working 12-14 hours days, I have looming deadlines and two children who apparently want food and stuff. Weather is total crap, hurricane-winds, tornado warnings, rain. My oven broke. Basically, it’s the end of days. I so badly want to dive into the cookies Rougie sent me. I...

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How to Embarrass a Kid Working at McDonald’s.

Oct 13, 2010 by

“Hi, I’d like a medium coffee please with cream and sugar-free vanilla syrup.” I say into the microphone at the drive-up McDonald’s. “So you want a number 6?” “Um, no. I just want a medium coffee with cream and sugar-free vanilla syrup.” “How many squirts?” “Squirts? Of...

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Not ready

Oct 3, 2010 by

I mentioned before that one of the only new girlfriends I’ve made out here was very pregnant. (My other friend out here is one of Mike’s coworker’s wives and we met back in NJ and I don’t consider her “new.”) Anyway, her husband is also really cool and their kids are the same ages as ours, so we all get along...

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He was destined to be a little tyrant

Jul 25, 2010 by

Here’s a little weekend funny walk down memory lane (Seriously, this shit cracks me up every time I watch it.) I came across this today and we watched it in hysterics, remember all to well how tyrannical he used to sound. Now, at two, we are nothing but his...

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