Weekly Meal Plan 4 – 21DSD and Whole30 Compliant

Dec 18, 2012 by

Okay, so I’m a little behind on, well.. everything.

Ever have one of those weeks where everything kind of just happened at once? I had two major deadlines last week – one for my publishing career and one for my writing gig – and then my gym (which I also work for) was hosting a major two-day competition which literally kept me out of the house and going nonstop for two full days.

I ended that week out with friends,  celebrating with these pretty ladies (and sundry other CFers) that I didn’t blow a gasket that weekend:

I may or may not have also had an Aunt Jemima. Yes, that’s bacon. And yes,  it’s as amazing as you think it is:

Then we got right back on track on Sunday, planning our menu and doing all the shopping. This week will be full of overtime work late into the night but I promised myself I am turning off all contact with the electronic world (minus some Call of Duty Black Ops 2, natch) on December 23rd until my vacation ends. Like a total blackout, so don’t think I’m dead, mmmmkay?

I’m going to spend the holiday in front of a fire and tree with my babies that I am so thankful for. I have no interest in discussing the shootings because my fingers fail to type the words that breaks my heart into tiny pieces. But I have been sneaking into their rooms at night and collecting extra forehead kisses and sending a silent thank you out into the universe that I can do that and hurting for those that can’t.

It’s supposed to snow this week so hopefully I can avoid the hot cocoa/marshmallow/chocolate chip cookie symbiosis with snowman making and sledding.

So even though it’s Tuesday and we’ve already eaten into two of these days, here’s the menu we planned out:


B: Steak and eggs
L: leftover Moroccan pumpkin beef stew
D: burgers and green beans


B: scrambled eggs with pistachio pesto (recipe to come), bacon
L: leftover steak and raw veggies
D: Farmer’s market meatloaf, hot bacon Brussels sprout slaw


B: Scotch eggs (with sausage, not breading)
L: baked ham, leftover slaw
D: pork loin with dijon apple glaze, roasted broccoli


B: Hard-boiled (HB) eggs, bacon
L: leftover pork,  spinach salad
D: Meatballs and spaghetti squash


B: scrambled eggs, bacon, 1/2 sweet potato
L: leftover meatballs & squash
D: oven-fried Paleo fish sticks, sauteed greens and carrots


B/L: Red Robin (taking the kids to lunch and the movies)
D: homemade wings, drummies, and sweet potato fries


Brunch: Grain-Free Crepes made Savory with pulled chicken
Dinner:  Likely more of the above as we laze around and cook for Christmas Eve all day

What’s on your plate for this week?

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  1. Joyce livengood

    Hello, I just found yoursite, & i liked themenu you had planned foryour long weekend ahead of you. For every website& e-mail i i now delete, from previous unhealthy sites,that are laden with flour,white, such as most magazines, i now try to replace with a healthy site, such as yours.

    I am enjoying cooking healthy, organic, grassfed , etx. It is so much fun. More thanit was when i was raised on a farm, where veggies, fruits,chickens, beef, pirk, rabbits were our reason we were living healthy & very well. Until the 50’s, 60’s when packaged & boxed foods appeared at grocery stores. So you are my new fun, time, & presenting healthy foods into my very sr. Years. I am 81′ & hope to reach 90+,

    Can you put me on your list? Joyce.livengood@ yahoo.com Thank you. From sun city, az.

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