Weekly Mean Plan 2 and Recap of Week 1 of Whole30 and 21DSD

Dec 2, 2012 by

Well, Week 1 is in the books and after a week of what can only be described as the worst PMS ever, I am finally turning a corner.

The cravings are mostly gone – at least for ALL! THE! THINGS! I didn’t realize how often I’d just pick up one of the kids snacks and pop it in my mouth until I had to NOT do it. Last week, I wanted to shove all the pretzels and treats in my face because I was GOING TO DIE if I did’t have one, but I’m finally not feeling the NEED to eat that stuff. But I’ll tell you, every time I’d walk by my son’s pretzel bowl this afternoon, it took restraint not to pop one in my mouth, and not even because I wanted or craved it. But because it was THERE. That’s all. I finally realized how much I was subconsciously eating without even noticing.

I was eating things because they were there.

Keeping a meal plan and a daily food log during this has been one of the biggest ways we’ve been able to get through this week. Well, that and going to bed early before we smacked each other in the face with a frying pan.

If I woke in a bad mood, I knew I needed fat and protein so lots of my breakfasts looked like this:

And then I learned this little trick from Melissa from The Clothes That Make the Girl and it was so easy and I had a complete lunch when I got home from a morning full of errands.

In the morning, I put two chicken breasts in a Crockpot with a little chicken broth on the bottom. I covered it with some homemade mayo  and Penzey’s Sandwich Sprinkle.  Then I placed an small oven-safe dish (I used Pyrex) and placed it upside down to use as a “stand.” I poked some holes in the sweet potato and put it on the stand (so it doesn’t touch the raw chicken). I set to low for 4 hours and voila! Lunch!

I have to say that I really surprised myself this weekend; I KNEW the weekends were going to be the hardest. I went out with a group of friends on Saturday night to celebrate a girlfriend’s 30th birthday. I spent most of the day feeling sorry for myself and WOE IS ME because I can’t have what my husband refers to as my “getting ready” cocktail: my glass of wine on the bathroom counter while I prim and preen. I wouldn’t be able to buy birthday shots or sip some Malbec while gossiping. I was legitimately SAD that I was not going to be able to drink that I almost talked myself out of it like four times. One glass of wine won’t hurt, right? I mean, what if I just have some Patron on the rocks? That can’t mess me up that bad right?

Ultimately, I held strong and offered to be the designated driver so that the birthday girl could drink and I’d have a really good reason for staying stone sober. But guess what? When I got out with everyone and we sat down and started talking, I had FUN! Who knew?!!? I didn’t NEED wine or tequila to have fun. I just needed a cute outfit and some great friends. I kept club soda with lime in my hands. Though it was after 2 am,  I went to sleep with a smug sense of sanctimony to my old self. See, you CAN go out and have fun and all without a hangover tomorrow!!!

This was a huge accomplishment for me. I know lots of people don’t drink and still have a good time but my habits were so ingrained that it took a lot of mental fortitude to get through a social event without my wine. Thankfully, most of my friends know I’m on the detox so there was no questions or pressure and those that didn’t assumed that my club soda and lime was a drink so no one questioned it. I have to tell you though, after midnight at a crowded bar when you’re sober? HILARIOUS. Drunk girls crying, guys barely able to walk, bachelorette party members being extra slutty, the old guy on the dance floor by himself. I guess I’m usually too invested in my own drinks to notice. I may make this a new hobby.

Unfortunately, in some cruel joke, I woke up with a killer headache which turned into the first migraine I’ve had in months and worse, with no explanation. It was just plain mean. Instead of cooking and prepping and having dinner with my parents, I spent the afternoon in a dark room with an ice pack on my head trying desperately not to throw up the medicine I had taken. I emerged in a fog but feeling a little better to a clean house, homemade chicken soup and chicken wings from my awesome man.

We sat down and came up with our weekly meal plan based on what we had in the freezer downstairs and what stuff we needed to get rid of in the fridge:


Pre-WOD: 1/2 green apple, almond butter
B: Steak and eggs, 1/2 sweet potato
L: leftover chicken soup
D: pepper steak with green peppers and onions, roasted broccoli


Pre-WOD: banana, coconut whipped cream (just coconut cream beat with vanilla)
B: HB eggs, 1/2 sweet potato
L: tuna salad on lettuce boats, tomato, pickles.
D: grilled pork chops, oven-braised Brussels sprouts (minus Parmesan), salad


Pre-WOD: 1/2 green apple, coconut butter
B: Leftover pork chop, scrambled eggs
L: chicken soup
D: taco boats w/guacamole


Pre-WOD: banana, coconut cream
B: taco omelet w/leftover taco meat
L: grilled chicken, 1/2 sweet pot, cucumbers and celery
D: bacon burgers, salad.


B: Leftover burger w/eggs over medium
L: raw veggies (taking kids to Christmas event so will eat dinner very early)
D: Chipotle!


Pre-WOD:  Almond milk, spoon of coconut butter
Brunch: Green Apple Pumpkin Fritters (recipe to come, OMG SO GOOD)
Dinner: Roasted chicken, squash, roasted curry cauliflower


Brunch: Bacon-egg cups
Dinner: Spinach Chicken Meatball soup (will make stock from the roasted chicken the night before).

What’s on your menu this week?

How was your week? DISH!

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  1. Can’t wait for that recipe! And taco boats with guac sound SO good. Sometimes I think we should all post more “recipes” for dead simple, wonderful meals.

    I hear you on the PMS. Me and PCOS have been fighting hardcore this past month. Just know that you are treating your body so well by doing a sugar detox. Sugar definitely makes my symptoms much much worse! Hang in there, and thanks for the google group. It’s great to read what everyone has been doing.

  2. Teresa

    What is HB eggs?

  3. Stephanie

    My guess is hard boiled eggs

  4. I heard magnesium helps with cravings, and it’s true! take one supplement per day ( whatever’s in the normal dosage), every day off their month. my periods no longer Tyler me!! :-)

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