Avocado Chocolate “Milkshake”

Nov 29, 2012 by

I’m writing this from the grave because clearly I have died from not having any wine in four days. Or brownies. You know, the things that make the world go ’round.

It’s not so bad really this time around – this whole sugar detox Whole 30 thing. I was actually feeling really great for the first three days and figured it was because I was following the recommended allowances for “athletes” and having 1 serving of fruit (split into two througout the day) and a 1/2 sweet potato. My energy was good, my WODs weren’t suffering. And then today happened. OH TODAY.

I hit a wall. With my face. Nay, my whole body. I had no gas in my tank, no fuel in my engine, no go in my go-go boots. So I did with anyone who works from home would do in that situation. I chugged a liter of water, ate a handful of almonds, and took a nap on my lunchbreak. Having a futon in your office has its perks.

It started out bad. It was my fault, really. I didn’t set the alarm. I woke up late which means I didn’t get to shower and check email and stuff before the kids woke up. Which means I was trying to get three of us out of the house in an hour. What I’m saying is that it wasn’t pretty. To make things worse, I had two back-to-back appointments this morning (I’m going to CUT THIS FOOT RIGHT OFF) and no time to cook for myself. I managed a few minutes to make my new go-to Whole 30 compliant smoothie that has been saving my ass when I need something fast.

The avocado gives this smoothie a very milkshake-like consistency and the banana adds a little sweetness without adding too much sugar. If you use Pure protein (just 100% grassfed whey and stevia) or another brand of plain whey, you can throw some of that in for some added protein. I tossed a handful of spinach in this morning too. You can use the base recipe and move from there.

The reality is this doesn’t look pretty when it’s finished. It’s a brownish green color and well, that’s just yucky. But it’s packed full of good fat, protein, and a little fruit so it works well as a meal replacement on the go.

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  1. Eden

    Oh my amazing! I did this with coconut milk this morning instead of almond milk and I wanted to weep–it was that good. I used vanilla creme stevia and did not have spinach on hand so I omitted that part but everything else was on point and I felt so good after my first one that I made another! It was a great start to my morning. :)

  2. wonder if adding a raw egg for the protein would change the taste…

  3. Christian

    Another interesting recipe, whereby two uncommonly related ingredients merge to form a tasty and healthy treat! Bravo!

  4. Sharon

    I have several banana or avo recipes that call on dates–2 or 3 small–for sweetening–maybe they’d work in this too.

    • Sharon

      Uh, comment on my comment: maybe would work when not on the intense detox?

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