Rainbow Pepper Salsa

Aug 22, 2012 by

This is slightly different from a traditional salsa in that I used a bunch of fresh, colorful, crisp peppers. It’s got a more earthy taste than traditional salsa with the addition of the red, yellow, and orange bell pepper, but the lime, cilantro, tomatoe and jalapeno flavors keep the old-fashioned nuance we all love in a salsa.

This recipe with make an asston, which in case you were wondering is, in fact, a technical measurement. I made it for the baby shower last week and it made a large tupperware bowl full. That said, if you use fresh ingredients (or better yet, if you know how to jar), it is lasting quite well 5 days later, even tasting better as the days go on.

It’s crunchy and fresh and great with veggies or on grilled fish with a side of avocado. With all of the tomato and pepper plants in full bloom, this should help you put it to good use! As far as the spice content goes, you can really decide this on your own by using the ribs (the white part inside the pepper) and the seeds of the spicy peppers (chilis and jalapenos). The more you add, the hotter it will be.

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  1. Jennifer

    Ok, so I literally sat there and went, “Hmm, an aston. I wonder if that’s metric?”

    Totally need more sleep. :-P

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