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Jun 1, 2012 by

I had a little Memorial Day party as a final last hurrah to say goodbye to my sister who moved to Virgina this past week. It’s going to be tough without her in the same city with me but I am excited for this new chapter of her life.

Anyway, as usual, I had a ton of food left over because I cook for a zombie militia and the berries started to look a little sad almost immediately the next day. They’re not quite in season yet and the organic ones I buy probably spend a good amount of time on a truck so by the time they get here, they have to be eaten almost immediately before they spoil. So I decided to make muffins with them.

I usually use dried berries in my Paleo creations because alternate flours like coconut and almond meal tend to be very moist with the high egg content needed to keep them together. So I was a little wary about using the fresh berries and though they did sink a bit to the bottom, I made enough alterations to the mix that they came out really great.

As usual, I used papers on these muffins because it’s a fight to get them out of any other muffin tins. I need to buy more silicon ones. Mice ate through my last ones in NJ – the little furry effers – and I’ve yet to replace them. Mainly because I have the memory capacity of a three-year old and forget stuff EVERY time I do to the store.

Anyway, I topped these with a sprinkle of organic turbinado (sugar in the raw) to give it a tiny crunch. It was maybe a tablespoon total for the 12 muffins but it is totally optional.



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  1. Mmm. They look great! When making “normal” muffins, I toss berries with a tablespoon or two of the flour for the recipe. That helps the berries stay suspended in the batter as the muffins bake. I would think the same trick would apply here, too, for the next time you make ’em if you’d like to give that a try.

  2. CC

    on the silicone liners — if you have a World Market anywhere near you, they’re $2.49 for 6 (all colors) – which is the cheapest I’ve found them … love them for making the breakfast egg muffins, too. Thanks for the great recipe – I have a pile of fresh raspberries so am going to give it a go with them!

  3. CC

    and if you don’t have a cost plus / world market, they do have a web site too –

  4. Abby

    These look amazing! I am trying to make them right now and I have a question for you. Does the brand of coconut flour matter? Every single time I try to bake with coconut flour, no matter what recipe I use, it ends up like paste and/or cookie dough. Even if I follow the recipes to the letter. I am using Bob’s Red Mill coconut flour.

  5. Jessica

    Made these last night after picking blueberries and raspberries yesterday. They are wonderful! 30 minutes was too long, or my oven runs hot, because they are a little dark but still great. Texture is wonderful which I haven’t always found with coconut flour. Ground my own almonds in the Vitamix. I used silicone muffin pans and greased each cup with a bit of coconut oil and had no problems with sticking. Thank you for this healthy and tasty recipe!

    • Anonymous

      i am making these now and only had bob’s red mill coconut flour and the batter is very thick…there is no ‘pouring’ into the muffin tins…i’m spooning…keeping my fingers crossed…i’m new to almond/coconut flour baking

  6. Jessica

    Forgot to add that I added some salt and cinnamon. Also, I tossed the berries in some coconut flour and they didn’t sink. My batter was quite thick and I had to spoon it in. I was worried they’d be too dry but not at all.

  7. Jennifer

    I followed the recipe except used frozen berries and I added a splash of vanilla. However, mine came out extremely dry, so much so that I’m tempted to toss them in the trash. Any ideas what went wrong?

    • AndreAnna

      Maybe my eggs were larger? Also frozen berries are usually flash frozen right when picked. The berries I used were fresh and a few days old, so they were much juicier and very ripe. Both of these things could have affected your final product. I’m sorry they didn’t work out for you. :( I hope you try again; they really are delicious.

  8. Jo


    I made these today but they turned out very, very dry. The batter was not pourable at all. Is there maybe an ingredient missing in the list?

  9. Jen

    I added coconut milk!

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