Paleo Onion Sesame Crackers

Jan 4, 2012 by

IMG_0102.JPGThere’s a reason I don’t make crackers often. I think there’s also a reason they’re called “crack”-ers.  I CANNOT STOP MYSELF. I think a lot of people think that going “paleo” and removing grains from their diet means they have to give up a lot of things they used to love. Or that making things like crackers from scratch is hard. I say NAY, NAY.

These crackers have SIX ingredients and a ton of flavor. That’s it. Six.  They’re crunchy and onion-y and remind me of those onion bagel chips.

You will definitely need parchment paper; there’s really no way around it. I also used garlic salt in this recipe. If you want to sub garlic powder and salt separately, I’d use 1/2 tsp. of each. Also, you cook these low and slow. That way they don’t burn – nut meal takes on an awful taste if you cook them too long. If you start to see the ones on the outside burning, just remove them and keep the rest in the oven.




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  1. Timing on this couldn’t be better! I’m a week in and just yesterday posted that I miss crackers. Definitely on my must-make list for the weekend. THANK YOU!!!

  2. Great recipe! Used chia seeds instead of sesame. Unfortunately my oven has a mind of its own and the whole batch burned. Managed to save a small piece and the taste was great. Will for sure try it again!

  3. Mmmmm…these look AH-mazing. I will definitely be making these this weekend, perhaps with your paleo-hummus recipe.

  4. Cassie

    These sound BA! Think I’ll leave early to go home and make them! I missed the challenge this time around…will you be doing another one soon?

  5. Beth

    I’m glad you mentioned that about the bitter taste of nut flours if they burn! I made awesome gF shortbread over the holidays, but a few around the edge of the tray got too dark and taste awful. I used to like “normal” shortbread slightly over baked, but not with nut flours.

    These and your cheddar crackers are on my list to try next!

    • AndreAnna

      Yep! That’s why I always say “low and slow” with baking with a lot of nut meals/flours. And tossing any crispy or burnt edges – they’re totally not worth it!

  6. Cindy L.

    Could you dehydrate these instead? My dehydrator has temp control up to 160 degrees.

  7. stephanie

    I just made these yesterday…two batches…one with all almond flour and one with 1/2 almond flour and 1/2 sunflower seed flour. They were both absolutely fantastic, but my friend and I had to give the edge to the mixed flour batch. They were both crunchy upon biting into them, but the mix seemed to have more substance when chewing, while the all almond flour got a touch powdery when chewing. Either way, they are abfab and rather addictive. Gotta watch myself! I also think they lend themselves to all sorts of flavorings, which is wonderful. I put herbs de Provence in one, and that was nice also. Thank you so much for developing and posting the recipe.

  8. Brandon

    I could not ever get anything but a crumbly mess that would not roll out. Help!

  9. Karmann

    Made this recipe last week. I love the flavor, but what’s highly unfortunate is that I could never get the batter to stick together enough. I even added more oil and more egg… any suggestions??

  10. Nora

    I just made these and had pretty good success. My dough seemed a little wet so I added in two tablespoons of ground flax meal. I also used half and half black and white sesame seeds. They are a bit delicate once they’re done so next time I may try to crisp them up by subbing in some almond flour.

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