Flourless Paleo Coconut Lime Muffins

Dec 31, 2011 by

I broke down yesterday after two weeks of being sick and went to the doctor. If you know me, you  know this is something unprecedented. I don’t do doctors. I figure I’m gonna pick up something worse in the office than what I already have which is likely a virus that will run its course without any intervention. I especially don’t do anitbiotics. Charlotte has only been on them once and Sawyer, at 3 1/2 has never been on them. So, you know I was really sick and at a point where all hope was lost and I was sure I had the bubonic plague. Dude, my teeth hurt.

Long story short, I tell the doctor I’ve been sick off and on for six weeks and he sticks the tongue depressor down my throat, made a little sound and said, “How are you even swallowing? I can’t even see your uvula.” At that point, I made a dirty joke because what else do you expect of me? The weird part? My throat doesn’t even hurt. Apparently, I have some kind of sinus thing that has moved past virus and into the plague. He has me on – wait for it – TWO THOUSAND milligrams of antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, and whatever OTC stuff I can shove down my face-hole.

So I woke up this morning still sick and all I wanted was pancakes.  I put some almonds in the Vitamix to make almond meal for paleo pancakes and got distracted and ended up with almond butter. Then I decided that I felt sorry for myself because I’m spending New Year’s Eve home and sick so why NOT make myself muffins? And why NOT combine two of my favorite flavors?

The best part is that these are actually, like, healthy. And really, really easy. I used very little honey and only some applesauce to sweeten them and they are packed with protein from the eggs and almond butter. I recommend cooking these in muffin papers because it’s way easier than trying to pry them out of a muffin tin. I also sprinkled unsweetened shredded coconut (you can usually find this in the bulk bins) on top and it toasted up while the muffins cooked and added a perfect crunch to the top.



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  1. Sorry to hear that you’re feeling crappy, but I’m excited these muffins came out of the ordeal – can’t wait to try them.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Be still my heart. Lime + muffins = WIN!

  3. These muffins are definitely a great picker-upper when you’re trying to deal with the plague. Or not. I’d enjoy them!

  4. cio

    yess…i found this article…thanks

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