Paleo Onion Sesame Bread

Dec 15, 2011 by

Well, my oven is fixed!! What was the first thing I did, you ask? Make this bread I’ve been promising you all. Right after I hugged it.

This Thanksgiving, Mike and I were both being pretty strict on the Paleo challenge (still are, no cheats!!) but I wanted to make sure we could have the traditional things we love. So I set out to make a grain-free stuffing, but in order to do that, I first had to come up with a “bread” that wasn’t made of flour, and didn’t taste like ass. Tough challenge, let me tell you.

I’ve succeeded before in making the Best Paleo/Primal Sandwich Bread (In The History of Man) before and though this is still my favorite go-to bread, I wanted something with a little less ingredients and work. It’s also high in protein from the nut meal and eggs. I don’t recommend making this a more-than-daily treat every now and then because as healthy as the ingredients are, they are also calorically high and it’s always easy to overdo bread, “paleo” or not.

This recipe comes together in seconds with a few ingredients and bakes up quickly. I’ve had it toasted with butter and a runny egg and as a sandwich, which was kind of glorious.

I made two mini loaves with this amount in the little non-stick loaf pans and it worked out perfectly. You could double the recipe and use a regular size loaf pan if wanted but it will change the cooking time.

Because of the egg and the tendency for it to make the nut meal in the bread “squishy” when it sits out, I recommend keeping this in the fridge and toasting each piece as you use it.

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  1. Debbie

    Sounds delicious! Can you provide the measurements for the pan you used?

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