Asian Fish en Papillote

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The summer resurrected itself for a few days this week and I was even able to wear a skirt yesterday. For those that know me, I’m obsessed with skirts and dresses. For one thing, I have pretty damn awesome legs that I work really hard for so I don’t mind showing them off. The other reason is that I have a REALLY hard time finding jeans and pants that fit properly so I am not looking forward to needing to be warm and covered up for the next 9 months in articles of clothing that make my quads look like I turn into the hulk. Or however long winter lasts in this awful tundra.

So if it’s warm where you are, cook this in foil on the grill. If it’s not, feel free to use parchment in the oven. Here’s a great tutorial on how to fold the parchment properly for this cooking method. “En Papillote” translates to “in parchment” and is a method of cooking your food in a pouch, usually (duh)  parchment paper but foil can be used as well, especially if you’re grilling.

This recipe couldn’t be easier with an Asian sauce and some quick ingredients, you have a flavorful fish for your main course served perfect with some Cauliflower fried rice. I used Swai in this recipe (a light-flavored catfish relative) because it’s readily available and wild-caught here. With these kind of Asian flavorings, you really could use any fish of your choice.

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  1. This looks great. :)

  2. Divine! I need to make this dish when we’re camping one weekend. Hope we can still squeeze in another weekend or two, and that you get to keep wearing dresses and skirts a bit longer! ;-)


  3. I bought some white fish fillets yesterday and was looking for a new way to cook them. This looks amazing. Thank you!


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