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This is my first time participating in this month’s Adopt A Gluten-Free Blogger event typically hosted by Sea of Book of Yum. But this time it’s Wendy over at Celiacs in the House who has taken on this month! Basically, one blogger chooses another, picks a recipe to make and share, and then there is a wonderful round-up at the end of the month. As a recipe developer, I don’t spend nearly enough time following others. Usually, it’s just the inspiration I steal (and credit!!) but when I saw Heidi’s Mayo-Free Chicken Salad, I had to try it.

Heidi went gluten-free after a long battle with health issues identified that she had atypical celiac, the detailed backstory to which you can find here. But in addition to her, she has been dedicated to keeping her family’s health intact by following an organic, naturally gluten-free lifestyle (sound familair?). She works closely with Dr. Vikki Petersen of HealthNOW Medical Center and shares really great and informative interviews with a doctor who is a true pioneer in the Gluten-Free Medical Community.

I was lucky enough to meet Heidi in person at the Gluten and Allergen-Free Expo in Chicago this past spring and I instantly fell in love with her. She’s spunky, quick-witted, and such a great soul without taking herself seriously. She’s the kind of person you instantly feel comfortable around like you’ve known each other for years. We spent most of the weekend texting each other over where the best food was. That’s my kind of girl.

Okay, back to the recipe.

I actually left this comment on the original post: “I love mayonnaise like Hugh Heffner loves blondes, but this looks AMAZING.” Seriously. I love mayo. It’s actually gross how much I love it. Mike used to make me homemade grapeseed mayo and he had to stop because I would stand in the kitchen eating it with a spoon. So, it wasn’t the “mayo-free” claim that snagged me. It was the use of a macadamia nut dressing mixed with scallions and dried cherries. I’m a sucker for dueling flavors – sweet and savory, tart and spicy – so it made the top of my new recipe-to-try list.

With their low Omega-6 content, macadamia nuts are one of, if not THE, healthiest nut you can eat. And Heidi pairs it with olive oil and salt to make a quick dressing, making it even healthier if that’s possible. I followed Heidi’s directions to make the dressing using my Vitamix. I also used her suggestion of grilling the chicken first, which I think made it perfect. This really couldn’t have been simpler and we had the chicken salad over a bed of mixed greens for dinner with a side of sweet potato and it was such a nice dinner. I loved the way the tart cherries tasted with the scallions and the creamy macadamia dressing brought it home. I will definitely make this again.

To see her whole recipe, step-by-step instructions and lovely photos, click through.

I also had every intention of making her homemade ketchup for this post but, well, I think I left part of my brain in NJ and forgot the tomato paste at the store. It is definitely on my list, as is her dairy-free Homemade Ranch Dressing. Heidi is truly dedicated to embracing her health and educating  herself in order to create a wonderful, healthy life for herself and her family. Her weekly meal-plan posts are full of great inspiration and she often posts research articles and interviews with amazing information. You can follow her on Twitter here or find her on Facebook.

As for me, if you need me, I’ll be over here trying to explain to my husband how I ate half of the salad before he even got home from the gym so he gets no leftovers for breakfast.

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  1. I hate mayo SO HARD, so this is totally something I would dig. Thanks!!!!

  2. AndreaAnna! What a nice post and I am so truly honored to have been “adopted” by you…you are an amazing source of inspiration for me, not only in teaching me how to eat grain-free with your delicious recipes (I made your crab cakes yesterday…yum!), but your amazing story of strength and perseverance as you have taken control over your own health and not only lost an amazing amount of weight, but have built some gorgeous muscles to boot!

    Of all the virtual friends I have met face-to-face, I count you in the top few who I feel I have a deep connection with and I am so very blessed to call you my friend.


    So glad you enjoyed the chicken salad, I thought everyone would think I was nuts for pairing all those flavors together, but this was the one recipe that has excited my taste buds (they’ve been in a coma for over a year now) with the salt, garlic and tart punch of the dried cherries, LOL!

    Kinda like chocolate covered bacon. ;-)


  3. Wonderful job on capturing the essence of the amazing Heidi, AndreAnna! I’ve been wanting to make this recipe for quite some time. I adore chicken salad. Your photos are great and I’m wishing I could reach through the screen for a delicious lunch right now. ;-) Heidi is a dedicated allergen-free recipe creation genius, isn’t she? Again, terrific job!


  4. I need to start making a mental note to seek out comments you leave on posts. I love mayonnaise like Hugh Heffner loves blondes, but this looks AMAZING”… that is classic.
    Okay. Onto this wonderful ode to Heidi!! You have totally captured her awesomeness in every way! I love that girl so much! SHe is such an inspiration and total advocate for all of us. And now I am TOTALLY dying to make this salad.
    PS Great photos, by the way!

  5. I absolutely LOVE the idea of this salad! I missed it first time around on Heidi’s blog, so I’m so glad that you highlighted it! I love fruit in a chicken salad, but I’ve never tried cherries. Wow! Heidi is such a sweetheart. Great adoption post!

  6. Yes, I’m behind on reading my blog posts…but this is a great choice for adoption! How did I miss THIS recipe? I love mayo too…but macadamia chicken salad? Yum. Great adoption.


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