Champagne Nectarine Tapenade

Jun 27, 2011 by

This Champagne Nectarine tapanade is a little quirky and different, but perfectly light and delicious for a summer appetizer – click through for full recipe.

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  1. As one who has gone through two cans of those ripe green olives without making a recipe, I know what you mean. Those things are addictive in a good way. This recipe looks and sounds so good to me and I may even be able to restrain myself from devouring another can and make it. Thanks for being the first to post in our series. Beautiful job.

  2. I just love green olives. Really, olives of any kind. And, I have a can of these in the pantry. Nectarines….hmmm, that’s a very interesting addition. Salty, savory and sweet. I like it.

  3. I admit olives are still on my learn-to-love list, but I’ve heard fantastic things about these Lindsay olives. Combined with these ingredients, I think this tampenade sounds wonderful. It’s often unusual combinations that work the best IMHO. Great post, AndreAnna! Love that photo collage. :-)


    • AndreAnna

      I mean, obviously the olives are the star of the show with this tapenade, but it definitely got my gears turning for other versions!

  4. I’m an olive fan — big time! And mixing green olives and capers sounds amazing (along with all the other ingredients). I can just imagine all the things I could do with this tapenade, starting with a gluten-free crostini type appetizer. And maybe as a topping for roasted fish. Or, how about in a stuffed mushroom?

    Beautiful post, lovely recipe, great photos. Off to find some Lindsay olives. They look delicious!

  5. When I was little, I used to eat an olive for every finger, and then I would start ALL over again until the entire plate of olives was gone. I still do that and now have taught my kids to do it. I rarely cook with them because I can never get them into my recipes without eating most of them. That being said…this recipe looks totally awesome and seems to be quite the interesting combination of flavors. I am going to see if I can make a can of these stick around long enough to make this.

  6. You are so right about those olives. They are a very unique taste and I could clean out a can fast. This recipe looks great. I can’t wait to give it a try.

  7. I am a fan of all things olive, including traditional tapenade, but this is so unique, light, and appetizing. I love it. The nectarines really sold me. Okay, and the “buttery” description given to the olives.

  8. I am with Shirley on the learn-to-love thing with olives. Oh who am I kidding. I don’t think I will ever learn. But, other than that, I like the ingredients. Makes me want to like olives.

    • AndreAnna

      It’s okay – I’m like that with mushrooms! I WANT to like them since they seem to yummy and everyone else seems to like them, but I just can’t. They’re too… wormy. ;)

  9. I’m like you. I have a hard time NOT eating olives out of the jar or can while I’m trying to prep them. lol Can’t wait to try this one. :D And the mushrooms…you’ll get there. I used to HATE them. In fact, until last year January, I still refused to eat anything with them. Now I eat them often. ;)


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