Balsamic Grilled Cherry Tomato Summer Salad

Jun 19, 2011 by

Why yes I have been on a grilling kick, thanks for noticing. Last time we made kabobs we forgot the cherry tomatoes and I was sad because I love  them on the grill. I wish I could say I used tomatoes from my own garden but alas, since the last frost out here wasn’t until the end of May, all six of my tomato plants are just getting  green little buggers. Hopefully soon. And maybe one day I’ll live in a place where I can actually plant my summer plants before the middle of the summer. And have a pool boy names Hans. Ah, I digress.

I suppose you could make this without grilling the tomatoes but the smokey flavor is part of what pairs so well with the feta, and the crispy cleanness of the cucumber is perfect with the dill. The balsamic adds a little bite while marrying all the flavors. I served this with my Provolone-Stuffed Prosciutto Burgers and Oven-Roasted Artichokes for dinner the other night when Sarah was visiting and I’m pretty sure we all licked our plates.

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  1. Barb

    Great idea! Glad to have an idea for all these cherry tomatoes that A keeps bringing in from the garden.

    • Sue

      Sounds delicious! With the feta, would be a main course salad for me for lunch, or light dinner. Thanks for sharing!

  2. beach mama

    Don’t worry, we don’t have our tomatoes here in jersey yet either. I am so looking fwd to some yellow squash/zucchini recipes from you…because we are going to have a ton!
    This looks delish, and as soon as I have some tomatoes and cukes in my garden I am so making this!!

  3. You should probably just move into my basement so you can cook for me all the time, mmkay?

  4. Ummm! Yum! I am on totally on a grilling kick as well! THis looks awesome. I love the idea of putting the tomatoes in with the balsamic the night before. What a brilliant idea. I just made roasted asparagus with balsamic tomatoes (will put the recipe up one of these days) and the tomatoes were so delish! I can only imagine if they had sat all night marinating! ;)

  5. Jen

    I LOOOOOVE cherry tomatoes on kabobs! Sweet and smoky and delicious. Yum.

  6. I love the idea of marinating the tomatoes overnight before grilling them! This salad sounds perfect for a hot summer day.


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