Apple Pie A La Mode Green Smoothie

May 25, 2011 by

I often skip breakfast. It’s usually out of sheer necessity because I don’t have the time and I think I’ve just conditioned my body to not be hungry until 11 am or so. Around then, I’ll often have a brunch-like meal and then a snack later in the afternoon and then dinner with the family at 5:30 every night. But sometimes, I’ll wake up extra early or have a particularly hard WOD that I feel I need recovery after and that’s when I reach for the traditional green smoothie. Easy, healthy, and most important for me: FAST.

I like using spinach because the spinach taste is easily masked by sweet fruits like apples, pineapples, mangoes, etc. If made properly, you’d never know a cup of leafy greens was in the ingredients list. Which is an awesome way to get your kids to drink it, although both of mine love the green “goo” drinks we make.

I was lucky enough to get organic Pink Lady apples on sale for $1.19 a pound the other day and the Girl Who Loves A Sale inside me lost her ever-loving mind and I bought at least ten pounds. So when I reached to make a green smoothie, I chose to use some apples and then I saw coconut milk on my shelf and thought “why the hell not?” With some added cinnamon, vanilla, honey, and ice, this nutritional powerhouse smoothie tastes like creamy apple pie – with no dairy! This recipe makes enough for 2 good-sized smoothies so if you’re not sharing, feel free to half it.




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Try not to eat all the apples before you cut them up - oops!

A little snippet of my favorite cookbooks - I have so many more.

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  1. I make a lot of green smoothies like that … with spinach, apples, coconut milk, etc., but I’ve never used so many apples that it would taste like apple pie. GREAT idea! I just bought organic Pink Lady apples, too–love them! And I have coconut milk and spinach … hmmm. ;-)


  2. Delicious smoothie! It sounds SO good. I love pink lady apples too and they’re usually the most expensive. I am getting into making lots of smoothies again and this in one I will definitely try. You’re so right in that sweet fruits mask the veggie taste. What a great way to get your veggies in!

    -Robin @

  3. Just curious … do you worry about missing out on protein when you have a green smoothie for a meal? We have them for breakfast often, but I force myself to have an egg or piece or bacon as well. Can I tell you how sick I am of eggs at breakfast?!! What is your opinion about the effect of a green smoothie on blood sugar/insulin response?

    • AndreAnna

      Often, I’ll had a scoop of my grass-fed whey protein powder but I left that out of my recipe here for those that choose not to use it. The chia seeds are a great source of protein and Omegas as well. I do agree that protein should be sought after for every meal as it does help slow the insulin response. However, I think when you use wholesome, natural ingredients and don’t overload on green smoothies, they can fit in well to a whole foods lifestyle. Maybe add some almond meal or pulp to smoothies for additional protein?

  4. Barb

    Going to try this for lunch today! Going to sub in ground flax since I don’t have hemp on hand. Looks so refreshing!

  5. Seriously, is it apple season again? I keep finding organic apples for awesome prices.

    Interesting that you “fast” naturally like that. Keep reading about how good it is among the paleo/primal circuit, but I get too darn hungry in the mornings!

  6. Wow! This would go over so big time in my house! I think I will do this one over the weekend…perhaps even as a popsicle to eat out by the pool.

    And I am totally like you and I just do not eat much early in the morning…just not that hungry, plus, I am working too hard to get everyone up and out the door on time to worry about myself!

  7. I made this today for breakfast…absolutely amazing! I didn’t have honey, so I subbed a few drops of stevia….how delicious!


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