Pistachio Crusted Baked Chicken

Apr 26, 2011 by

What I love most about chicken is that it’s such a blank canvas. You really can do anything with it. I had a few breasts defrosting for dinner with no inspiration whatsoever. Until I went into the pantry for a handful of walnuts for an afternoon snack and saw a forgotten bag of shelled pistachios I had picked up for a recipe many moons ago. Somehow, they were still good so I decide to make a crusted baked chicken and some amazing stone ground mustard we had in the fridge.

I mixed the mustard directly with the beaten egg and used that as the “glue” for the pistachio crust. Please note that I do not recommend using salted pistachios as I think it would overpower the other flavors. I used my Vitamix on Variable 5 for a few seconds to get the pistachios to crush up to the right size: small, but not powder. You could use a food processor or a mallet.

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  1. Amy

    That looks delicious! I was wondering what to do with the package of chicken breast in my freezer and feeling uninspired…I think we have a winner!

  2. Alissa

    I needed inspiration for my chicken breast last night – thanks for posting this! I made it for dinner. I had to shell my pistachios, but it was fine. I also used regular dijon mustard, as I didn’t have stone ground. There wasn’t a huge mustard flavor – if I do again I will use more mustard. My biggest problem was that I used my grill because it was already 72 billion degrees in the house. So when I flipped my chicken I lost a lot of yummy crust. And my grill inevitably burns everything I cook on it. So I had kind of burned, not a lot of crust chicken. But it was still yummy and I will definitely make it again!

  3. This looks REALLY good AndreAnna!!! I think I’m going to make it for lunch today, yummy.

  4. I do that blank canvas/last minute pantry inspiration thing all the time with chicken, AndreAnna! You just never know what the final recipe will turn out to be when you start. I LOVE this idea! Of course, I’d have to buy the pistachios especially for this recipe. Otherwise, they don’t last at all in my house. ;-)



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