Grain-Free Easter Egg Cake Pops

Apr 13, 2011 by

I can take no credit for this recipe other than deciding to make the cake pops into an egg shape.

The Bakerella of course is the original Cake Pop Queen but it was Elana’s recipe that convinced me I could make a healthier, gluten-free, grain-free version and not give up any of the original taste.

I made them once for Charlotte’s Valentine’s Day party at school. If we’re being honest, I kind of wanted to one-up the other parents. I wanted the other kids to see that even though Charlotte ate from her own lunch box at snack and that her mom usually sent her things like yogurt and apples or hummus or guacamole instead of Teddy Grahams and Cheez-its, she could still have some pretty awesome treats. Yeah, I know. I’m petty. What of it? You wanna roll? I’m from Jersey. I just need someone to hold my hoops.

So when I saw that the Spunky Coconut was calling for some favorite Easter recipes for her Holiday roundup, I figured I’d make them again. My only change in Elana’s original recipe was using local honey instead of agave and strawberry jam instead of raspberry. Oh, and the whole egg-instead-of-ball-shape.

I used organic dark chocolate chips for the coating and egg-shaped sprinkles. I originally wanted to decorate this egg like a real Easter egg but I have run out of toothpicks and my fingers are way too sausage-alicious to put tiny eggs on a cake pop in a pattern resembling anything other than a Jackson Pollock. But if you have colored frosting, or white chips instead of dark, the possibilities really are endless for these. And kids love helping!

Again, they’re totally grain-free and the only sugar used (other than the chocolate chips) was local organic honey. These are treats I can feel good giving my kids every once in a while.

Keep an eye out for Kelly’s Easter round-up later this week.

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  1. I love that these are grain-free! So adorable.

  2. Spectacular! I’ve been cake pop resistant (LOL), but these do look incredible. Bring a few to the Expo, will you? ;-0


  3. Oh, I’m going to try this! Thanks for sharing it, AndreAnna! xo

  4. These are adorable! It would be fun to make these and decorate them–as you suggested–in lieu of the easter egg coloring tradition.

  5. I read: “You wanna roll? I’m from Jersey. I just need someone to hold my hoops.” And then I loved you that much more.


    Where did you get organic dark chocolate chips & safe sprinkles?


  1. Choco Easter Egg Cake Pops | My Cake Pops - [...] Easter Egg Cake Pops from and [...]

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