Sweet Peach and Mustard Grilled Pork Chops

Apr 3, 2011 by

After a winter that involved a lot of this:

Today, we had this:

Owly Images

and this:

Therefore, it is written in stone somewhere that you must grill on the first day you can wear shorts outside. So we did. We had some pastured pork chops in the freezer and I figured this was a perfect day to grill them bad boys up. So I went inside and whipped up this marinade to put on them and it was perfect. Sweet and savory, perfect with a mixed greens salad with some fruit and balsamic vinegar. They were really perfect for today.

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  1. Wow… shorts, huh? I think we had flurries one day this weekend.

  2. Looks DELICIOUS. MMmmm, you’ve inspired me to cook up (or enlist my husband to cook up) some grillin’ meats this week. :)

    Your sweetheart is looking skinnier and skinnier! I hardly recognized him.

  3. Barb

    Yea for grilling!!!! Looks delicious!

  4. Fantastic fun and eating! Love your photo of those chops! :-)


  5. You know, I was just eyeballing the grill today. I didn’t even know Mr. Dawn had retrieved it from the shed, sneaky man. Not that I need a reason to start grilling, but now I have the perfect inaugural recipe of the season!!! Hope you are feeling better :)

  6. Aw, what a cutie!! Your daughter of course … I’m not hitting on your husband … cause you’re from Jersey and I’m from Oregon. I’m not stupid you know :)

  7. Written in stone for sure – I love that! Hence, the reason we really never stop grilling in AZ. It seems like it is almost always shorts weather (except for maybe 3 months of the year). Those pork chops look divine! And your photos are beautiful! Love them.
    Oh, and totally cracking up at Alisa’s comment!


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