Mexican Pulled Chicken Stuffed Peppers

Mar 6, 2011 by

I had peppers. I had chicken. I had a million errands to run and wasn’t going to be home most of the day. So I enlisted the help of my crockpot and this recipe came together almost by itself. I topped it with shredded cheese blend of Monterrey jack and cheddar but feel free to use your own blend or eliminate if dairy-free. We served this along with some organic refried beans and it was an amazing, filling dinner!

I used a taco seasoning packet – I know GASP – because I was in a hurry and didn’t feel like measuring out my spices which I normally do. And ya know what? Sometimes people are just in a rush and need stuff done quick. I like the Simply Organic because it’s just the same spices I would use at home, no added or extra stuff. So many of those packets contain MSG, fillers, and yup, even gluten.

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    1. OMG, these look so good! I’m going to need to try them, thanks!

    2. Yum. Maybe even my kids would glance at peppers if I cooked them like this. Do you think this would be as good with fattier pieces of chicken? We get whole chickens from a ranch out here, and they don’t butcher them in cuts. Also, they’re teeny tiny and expensive, and almost no breast meat. (Unrelated but I just thought of it: thanks for that post on how to make beef broth–I got soup bones from our ranch and it is SO good. I never would have thought to do it, and just used veg. broth in its place.)

    3. Absolutely gorgeous and so enticing! I love to do chicken like that in the crockpot, too. And, I love sweet peppers, but have never stuffed them before. Now I don’t know why … thanks, AndreAnna!


    4. This looks amazing! Thank you!!

    5. Val

      Wow. I am so making these this weekend. Thanks!

    6. Angela

      Am I getting this right…everything but the peppers, salsa and cheese goes into the crock pot? No additional cooking liquid needed? Not much of a crockpot user so making sure I’ve got it down correct. Thanks for another great recipe!

      • AndreAnna

        I wasn’t very specific, you’re totally right!! I used canned tomatoes and peppers and those tend to have a lot of fluid in them, so I updated the recipe that you should add the tomato juice from one can of tomatoes (I like tomatoes so I just used a whole can, not drained) so it got the extra fluid from that. If you’d rather, you can use 1/2 c. broth. I didn’t need to add any liquid because of the juice from the tomatoes (and as the chicken cooks, it releases water) but you can always err on the safe side. Just make sure the chicken breasts are coated with the tomatoes as the acid helps break down the meat.

        • d

          “Put whole chicken breasts and all ingredients in crockpot and stir ” ……. except the peppers and cheese? Excuse me while I fish the peppers out of the crock pot…

    7. These look so yummy! Shirley mentioned your post to me today as I also stuffed red bell peppers and posted them yesterday. Ha! I’ll have to try these too, they look really good.

    8. This sounds so yummy. I am going to show this recipe to hubby so he can make it for me :)

    9. Val

      I made this with rabbit instead of chicken and it was great!

    10. DecLAN

      I thought you said you were in a hurry. “Cook the chicken breasts for 4 HOURS” !!!!!!!!!!

      • AndreAnna

        The crockpot does it for you. You can leave the house, run errands, etc. That’s where the convenience part comes in.

    11. Here in our country, they are called chilli bombs.

    12. Love the flavor combination — classic, delicious.

    13. These look absolutely divine! And so pretty – pretty enough to serve at a dinner party :)

    14. Christie

      Wow, I just finished up a dinner for 10 and this was an excellent meal. Everyone loved this. Even my Father-in-law and he is hard to please. It was as easy as it was good. Thank you for posting it.

    15. Hi, I made the Peppers last Wednesday. I stuffed 5 peppers and had tons of left over shredded chicken just from using 4 chicken breasts!
      I then used the left overs to make Enchiladas and it made a whole pan full plus I still had left over chicken. I had so much left over that we could not eat it all.
      I loved your seasoning mix.
      I do have a question for you please?
      Is there a way to incorporate this into Chicken Tortilla soup broth? I know you use Gluten Free so it doesn’t have to have the tortillas but I am trying to make this same tasting broth but a big pot flu and add some veggies. Any ideas please?
      Also If I was to make up a big batch of the seasoning , how would I measure it out to use to make this again? I want to make a big jarful of the seasoning. I hope my questions are not too confusing.
      Thanks so much for your recipe. We really enjoyed it. Great flavor and went so far!

      • AndreAnna

        Wow, you must have used some big chicken breasts!! Glad you had so much leftover for more meals! I’ve honestly never made tortilla soup so I wouldn’t know any exact measurements for that, I’m sorry, but my friend Shirley has a great recipe on her site over here:

        As for the seasoning, I’ve never measured it out to make a big jar but it sound like a great idea. I’d just start by just doubling or tripling the recipe.

        • Thank you, Nope just regular size. I am making the shredded chicken again tomorrow but will add more chicken broth. I made up 3 batches of your seasoning and just sprinkled some on some hamburger meat tonight , it was good! I have the single batch of seasoning ready to throw in the crockpot tomorrow. I am making just the shredded chicken to have on hand for either soup or enchiladas. I wish I could find a Tortilla soup recipe that was more chicken broth in taste than red sauce in taste like the restaurants. Thanks for getting back to me and sending me a link too!

    16. Danae

      Just made these for dinner and they are AMAZING! Even my husband, who refuses to eat Paleo with me, loved them – a rare feat! Thanks for such a great recipe!

    17. Brandi

      Gonna make this for my dinner date Monday….Thanks for the great idea =)

    18. Just found this on Stumble Upon and it looks so good! I can’t wait to make it for dinner next week!

    19. Mariah

      This was absolutely delish!!! I had some left over filling and my husband who claims to “not get this whole paleo thing” begged to bring the left overs for lunch tomorrow. Plus, it looked so pretty I wanted to take a picture of it :) Thanks!!

    20. Lance

      I’m using the leftover pork carnitas to stuff the peppers. Smeels and looks great. I’ll be a great double meal.

    21. Joe

      It says I need 2 Cups of salsa to cook the peppers in? Can you please clarify? Is that just the salsa I pour on top of the peppers after I stuff them or do I actually cook the peppers in salsa??

    22. Magess

      So when you say all the ingredients go in the crockpot, you DON’T mean the peppers also, right? I’m thinking of making this as a prep ahead freezer recipe. So I’ll probably make the filling and stuff the peppers and freeze them at that point, then just top and bake when I need them.

    23. Christina

      Hi! I just made the chicken in the crock pot overnight as a prep for a quick throw-together dinner tomorrow night, and I couldn’t find the Simply Organic taco seasoning packets at my Whole Foods, so I bought another brand. Your recipe doesn’t specify the size of the packet, and I didn’t even think about it, just threw it all in. I think it was probably double what I needed because the chicken came out VERY salty. I saved it by cooking another 3 small breasts by themselves today while I was at work and shredding them and adding to the seasoned chicken. It helped a lot, and I will be able to use it to stuff the peppers tomorrow. Could you update your recipe with the size of the seasoning packet for those who are lazy like me and don’t feel like measuring out the spices? Next time I’ll just make your seasoning since several people liked it so much.

    24. Anonymous

      I made this tonight but added “riced cauliflower” to the mixture. I riced the cauliflower then cooked it in a fry pan, then added it to the meat mixture. It gave it that traditional stuffed pepper texture but is still paleo friendly.
      They were soo tasty. I will make this again for sure!

    25. Marge

      I was super excited about this but it turned out suuuuper bland. I would add chipotle peppers to the crockpot and even more garlic than I did (three cloves) to spice it up. Good concept but it’s pretty basic in terms of taste.

    26. Marissa

      Oops! I read the recipe too quickly and put in simply organic seasoning AND yours, ha!! Its cooking now so I hope it comes out okay :/ I did put some extra tomato and juice in there so maybe that will compensate for some extra spice..!

    27. Lynda R.

      I made this dish and my husband said “this isn’t good…it’s excellent.” Thanks for the recipe!

    28. Terrin

      I made these last week and they are amazing. The chicken came out deliciously flavorful. I’m thinking of all the other recipes I can use this chicken in.

    29. this sounds like a delicious meal .my wife don’t eat rice&i love stuffed peppers.this sounds like a great…


    30. donna

      I have made this a couple times and each time when we cut into the pepper it is so watery the plate is full of water. May have to decrease the liquid in the recipe but wondering if anyone else had this happen?

    31. Leanne

      I bought everything to make this recipe but I am confused, even after reading the comments. The recipe says to add everything in the crockpot. Does this include the peppers and the salsa?

    32. this is so yummmyyy!!

    33. Sabrina

      This recipie is so amazing!! My family loves it and it’s definitely in our constant rotation of family favorites at home!!!

    34. Poopy Doo

      Instruction # 1 says to put ALL ingredients into crockpot.

      Therefore, you do NOT seed nor stuff the pepper until it is cooked??????


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