Prosciutto-Wrapped Dates Stuffed With Goat Cheese and Walnuts

Feb 21, 2011 by

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One of my most favorite culinary things is the melding of sweet and savory. I love finding new ways to mix up traditional flavors while finding a way to meld the two worlds. I’ve seen a lot of recipes for bacon-wrapped dates and as much as I love bacon, I love the way that Prosciutto crisps up in the oven without the extra grease of bacon. I wanted the dates to stay soft while the Prosciutto crisped up around the warm goat cheese, and the walnut in the center lends a perfect crunch.

These are super-easy but look and taste like a fancy appetizer. I based the recipe on 20 dates, but you can make as many as you want. I also got the large slices of Prosciutto from our deli and just sliced it into strips. A whole walnut is too large for the date so I used walnut pieces. If you use whole walnuts, you may want to break them in half.

Slice only one side of the date

Pry open so you can stuff easily

Stuff and wrap and place on tray

I may have also wrapped a plain date with dark chocolate stuffed inside and it may or may not have been amazing.

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  1. Wow, these look amazingly good! I will give them a try. I do love dates, and prosciutto, and goat cheese, and walnuts, so what’s not to love!? Mmmmmm

  2. Those look amazing. Love it when you combine the sweet and the savory!

  3. Ummm..yes. I love these. My Mom used to make a similar appetizer when i was growing up and I would sit there and eat all of them when no one was looking. I love love the combo of sweet and savory. I also love that dark chocolate stuffed date that you may or may not have eaten! ;)

  4. Wow these look delicious!! Do you think it would work with brie instead of goat cheese? I love dates with brie.

    • AndreAnna

      My only concern with the brie is that it would “melt” out of the dates. Goat cheese doesn’t really do the melty ooey-gooey thing that brie does. Maybe if you wrap them really tight and use a toothpick ? If you try, just try a few so you don’t lose a whole batch and report back! I’d love to know!

  5. Lisa

    I’ve done a version of these for parties but with bacon, now usuing more prosciutto these days. Making them for a party later this week with Prosciutto, dates, brie and an almond inside. Wondered about adding basil too. Now on the Paleo diet/Lifestyle, but just for a week so so far. Yay for you and your success with Crossfit! I was able to get off my asthma meds (advair) after just three days on Paleo!

  6. danielle

    his is quick and easy and taste great

  7. I made these and really impressed some people. They were delicious. Thanks for the recipe! Don’t leave them in the oven too long though or the prosciutto will get too tough.


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