Pepita Parmesan Crackers with Warm Scallion Dip

Feb 14, 2011 by

Pepitas – pumpkin seeds – are a nutritional powerhouse, rich in essential fatty acids, magnesium, and Vitamin A.  They’re also really yummy, both crunchy and soft and lend an amazing texture to a cracker.

These crackers are delicious on their own, with cheese, a little pat of pastured butter (I seriously could eat pastured butter by the stick) or with this warm cream cheese scallion dip. The recipe yields two batches of crackers, which I recommend making right away. I tried freezing the dough and making the rest later and the dough didn’t hold the same.

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  1. These look and sound amazing!! I will totally have to try these and that yummy warm scallion dip. I think I could eat the whole batch! And, just for the record, I have eaten pats of pastured butter by themselves more times than I care to think about. My 3 year old actually loves it so much that, once when I left some on the counter, I came back into the room and he was sitting on top of the counter taking bites out of the stick! LOL Good thing he could use the extra weight. I, on the other hand…..could not.

  2. Eliza McFeely

    These sound extraordinary, but I’m not sure where to buy the ingredients. Do you think I can find them at Shoprite? Or should I try somewhere like whole foods?

    • AndreAnna

      Well, what ingredients don’t you have? The nut meal? All you need to do is use a high-powered blender or food processor to turn nuts into nutmeal!!!

  3. Your recipes constantly have me salivating. I am not doing primal or paleo (they’ll have to pry the melba toast from my cold, dead fingers) but I swear I want to go out and buy nut meal to make these crackers and slather them full of oniony, creamy delish!

  4. Oh, I have GOT to try these! I have been wanting to make some kind of crackers lately. I have been using pumpkin seed, flax, and walnut meal to make wraps and bread(made like a pancake) and I love it!

  5. Those look great….I love pepitas so this is perfect and I have never tried making crackers so will have to try this weekend.

  6. i love making my own crackers, too!

  7. This sounds awesome. I’m just meandering through DessertStalkers, and I normally just don’t do desserts (other than a long-standing weakness for dark chocolate or my mother’s raspberry cobbler), but this isn’t a dessert, it is a good recipe for something to serve as finger food for guests, or, as the cracker itself, to take on road trips instead of granola.

    I’d probably use almond meal over pecan, but that’s a longstanding dispute my tastebuds and I have over pecan… ;)

    Anyhow, thanks!


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