Brussels Sprout Cole Slaw

Feb 2, 2011 by

You know what Brussels sprouts are? Wee baby cabbages. You know what cole slaw is made from? Shredded cabbage. SO WHY THE HECK NOT? My local supermarket sells giant bags of the Brussels sprouts and after eating them three different ways that week and STILL having some leftover, I decided to make cole slaw with them and it came out awesome!

I do recommend making this a day in advance because the flavors really do need to meld and the shredded sprouts will soften up a bit. The end product is crunchier than traditional cole slaw but I think that makes it even better. If you want less crunch but still keep the unique flavor of the cole slaw, use half Brussels sprouts and half regular cabbage.

This makes a large batch, as usual for me. Feel free to half it. Plus, nothing says “this winter sucks” like making traditional summer fare. We ate this as a side with dinner but it would also be a perfect topping for my whiskey pulled pork.

See how much "help" I get? She loves helping though, so it's all worth it.

I love the bright colors.

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  1. So trying this. My husband loves coleslaw, it’s probably in his top 5 favorite foods. I need to learn how to roast brussel sprouts in pancetta too.

  2. This is a surprise! Both the Brussels sprouts in cole slaw and cole slaw in winter. But, why not! On both counts! Hmmm? I’m pretty creative in the kitchen and it has never dawned on me to shred sprouts into a salad like this. What a great idea. And I’ve been eating so much soup and rice lately that a nice raw salad sounds delightful — even though it’s supposed to be minus 21 degrees tonight (you read that right, -21).
    Thanks for the inspiration. Looks gorgeous with all those colors!

  3. karen

    I love brussel sprouts–we will be having this soon. We usually oven roast them in olive oil with lots of pepper.

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