Grain-Free Restaurant Crabcakes

Jan 26, 2011 by

This recipe kind of happened on a whim. I usually use pureed pine nuts as my binder when I made seafood cakes. They make a sort of paste and give a nutty flavor and work excellent to help hold the crabcake together instead of traditional breadcrumbs. But I was out of pine nuts and I have at least 10 other kinds of nuts on hand so I picked out a bag of walnut meal. It didn’t alter the flavor of the crab cake at all but instead ended up making them so delicious and so crispy! Mike said they were the best I’ve made.

I serve this with an easy honey dijon dip. This recipe does include mayonnaise and if you’re wary of the store-bought versions, make your own! It really IS easy (I have a tutorial coming on this soon – just need my camera – SADFACE) or you can follow Kelly the Kitchen Kop’s version, but these are not requirements and jarred mayonnaise works just as well.

Crab Mixture

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  1. That looks sooooo good! Very true about the quality of the crab.

  2. Jan

    OMG – thank you! I love crab cakes, but they almost always have bread crumbs and/or mashed potatoes as some sort of filler/binder. I wanna make these; I bet even The Young One would eat them.

  3. Those look fabulous, AndreAnna! Love the crispiness. Almond flour would work well, too. :-)


    p.s. so glad to hear about your good report on the “tennis ball”!!!

    p.p.s. bummer on camera :-(

    • AndreAnna

      Yes, I bet almond flour would work great too. I just use so dang much of it, I went on a whim and tried the walnuts and they’re awesome!

  4. Walnuts are a fabulous idea! Fascinating how they make them more crispy.

    Do you have any tips for replacing the egg-white in a recipe like this? My husband is allergic. I’m thinking it may work simply with more nuts since the nuts, oil, mayo and dijon all offer a little binding.

    • AndreAnna

      Yes, I would just up the nuts a little, maybe by a tablespoon. What about the mayo? Do you have an egg-free version? Or a substitute? I’d love to learn!

  5. Amy

    SO hungry now!

  6. Gah! These look incredible! Healthified Crab Cakes! YUM!

    I bet the Worchestshire really made that sauce! I LOVE Dijon mustard. Mmmmm…

  7. Michelle

    How’s this for fast…I made these tonight! I got a 1 lb. container of refrigerated crab meat from BJ’s Warehouse Club and used a whole egg and some breadcrumbs instead of nut meal (we’re not GF) and they were GREAT. Really good flavor. I think next time I will increase the Old Bay seasoning – personal preference. Thanks so much Andreanna!

    • AndreAnna

      I like more Old Bay too but posted the recipe on the cautionary side – I’m gonna update it that people can up it if they want! Thanks!

      So glad you liked them!!

  8. Lisa

    You are a Goddess!!

    I made these last night for my husband’s birthday. They were perfect. Great texture, flavour AND they didn’t fall apart like many of my previous Crab Cake attempts.

    Also, for anyone in the Toronto area like me who can’t find Old Bay seasoning… I did a little googling and managed to make my own.. it was well worth the effort.

    Thanks AA. You’re the best!

  9. Robin

    Made these for dinner tonight…so good!!!

  10. Jon

    I was just wondering if you think swapping the crabmeat for canned salmon, thus making this a salmon cake recipe, would still taste good. Specifically speaking, would walnut meal go well with the taste of salmon, in your opinion?



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