Caramelized Onion and Mushroom Sage Beef Soup

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I posted on Facebook today that “Love” was making something for someone else you won’t eat. Especially being a foodie and especially being so open-minded on food, there is very VERY little I won’t eat or don’t like. Except for Mr. Mushroom, aka, Mr. I Taste Like a Worm.

I don’t mind mushroom flavoring – hell, I even like it – but the texture always gets me. And yes, I’ve tried MANY mushrooms and I know! I know! Portabellas taste like steak. No, they don’t. They taste like BIG worms. I also try them often, continue to challenge my palate. I mean, I used to drink four cups of coffee a day and now I really don’t like it. People change. Tastes change. So I keep trying.

And they keep tasting like dirt worms.


I love my husband. He, despite my best efforts, loves mushrooms. So I promised I would make him something with the little fungi this week and since it’s literally -10 degrees out right now with the wind chill, I figured you can’t go wrong with soup.

I used the crockpot for this since I was using stew meat from our local grass-fed farmer. While this meat is delicious, it really needs to slow cook for around 6 hours to tenderize. You can use a soup pot and cook for less time depending on how tender you want your beef.

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  1. Hey! Looks AMAZING…what kind of beef stock do you use? Does it come already prepared? I have looked everywhere for stock that doesn’t contain any wheat but I can’t seem to find any. I’ve been making it myself BUT IT TOTALLY TAKES WAY TOO MUCH TIME. help :-)

    • Karen

      Trader Joe’s has gluten-free beef stock.

    • AndreAnna

      Diana, I actually wrote a tutorial on how to make your own beef stock: its REALLY easy and super cost effective and you can make almost triple the organic grass-fed beef stock than you can buy in the store.

      That being said, if you’re super pressed for time, Swanson Organic – which I see in Target – is GF.

      But seriously, don’t be afraid of making your own stock. Maybe some of my tips in that post can help you, such as keeping a “stock bag” in the freezer so there really is very little legwork. And the nutritional benefits really are endless.

  2. Can I just tell you I LOVE that you’re putting your daily menu on the site? I SUCK at doing research. I’ve been wanting to start eating this way and now that you’re basically, telling people what to eat, I can! I could kiss you. Or just hug your legs while declaring you have the BEST shoes ;)

  3. Beef stock is actually fun to make, and if one has a freezer you can store it for recipes after the “beef stock project” is over. I am making some w/ oxtails and marrow bones this week, will try to write down what I throw together…. I won’t be adding gluten ;p)

  4. “Love” is why I (occasionally) make Hubby corned beef hash – FROM A CAN! His favorite kind, yuck!

    That looks soooooo delicious. As someone who can eat mushrooms in almost anything, I thank you for this recipe!

  5. Jan

    I am indifferent about mushrooms, so I’d probably never eat them left to my own devices, but Beloved loves them. I may make this for him…in fact, I probably will.

    For me, “Love” is making Eggs Benedict for the man. For some reason, the combination of Hollandaise Sauce (and I make a very fine Hollandiase Sauce, indeed) and poached eggs makes me want to hurl.

  6. Thank you for sharing this on Real Food Weekly. Please add a link to this post so people can follow it there and find more real food recipes. I usually add something like this was also shared on Real Food Weekly and use the link to the post today for this recipe. Thank you.

  7. You love your man, and I will never think of mushrooms in the same way again!


  8. Oh no, I hope you didn’t ruin mushrooms for me! :-) I can see where they could taste like dirt worms, but I still like them. Your soup really looks and sounds amazing. I have some beef broth (made from oxtail…yum!)and was looking for a recipe worthy of it…found it! Thanks!!


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