Green Beans in a White Wine Cream Sauce with Almonds

Jan 7, 2011 by

I wanted to title this “Green Bean AndreAnnadine” kind of like a play on Green Beans Almondine but 1) my name is really long and 2) that’s just a tiiiiiny bit self-inflated. Only a little.

I threw this recipe together for Christmas dinner along but with all the commotions, happiness, and booze people over I never wrote anything down. So I made it again last night and made sure I had my pen and paper nearby. Last night’s dinner were these Oven-Crispy Grain-Free Primal Chicken Nuggets made with sesame seeds and almond meal and since they’re so simple, I thought it would be nice to have a fancy(ish) side. Even if the side IS super easy to make. These are not dairy-free, but you could eliminate the cream (and just use ghee) and they would still be delicious.

Showing off her chicken nugget!

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  1. Amy W

    I want to make these with dinner on Sunday, but don’t feel like buying a whole bottle of white wine, can I use something else?

  2. You sold me on using wine in a veggie dish. How can you go wrong with that. I had the same problem on Christmas day. I made all of these yummy things but did not want to stop and take the time to photograph or document what I was doing (especially since after a couple glasses of wine, my pics never look that good).
    These beans look awesome, and just for the record…I Love the name “Green Bean AndreAnnadine”. I say fly with it!

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