Maple Balsamic Salmon with Pear and Pecans

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Part of what I love about being a food blogger is coming up with new things: I get to be creative in a facet of my life unlike any other. By day, I’m an Editor for a large publishing company. I love a lot of things about my job (the people I work with, the flexibility to work from home full-time, etc.) but one thing about being an Editor is that I have to adhere to specific styles, English grammar, mathematical grammar (oh yes, math HAS grammar! What joy!) and the publishing company’s own style manual. There’s really no wiggle room.  Right is right in grammar. And though the right brain part of me likes the clean cut answers, my left brain cries in the corner all day long just waiting to have its turn.

So when we put salmon on the weekly menu this week, I let my brain start wondering. The thing about salmon is that it is one of the “fishier” fishes so pairing it with sweet/strong flavors offsets that. And hell, pear season is about to end and I may as well find a use for one of the few fruits I can still get somewhat fresh out here in the tundra Iowa. This is sweet but not overpoweringly so and all of the sweetness comes from fruit and maple syrup (and only small amounts at that and it’s mostly reduced). I topped it with raw chopped pecans which gave it a nutty finish and a nice crunch.

Cooking the mixture a bit to soften the pear

Salmon browning in grapeseed oil

Add the pear mixture when salmon is lightly browned on both sides

Reducing on high heat

This is just about done. You can tell by the deepening color and the thickening sauce. Turn heat off at this point.


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  1. Jan

    Good heavens, this looks GOOD!

  2. This looks awesome. Picked up pears this morning – doing it with Mahi-Mahi tonight.

    ps – Zucchini Bread gone Primal was the awesome.

  3. Jennifer

    Perfect timing! Salmon is on sale at my grocery store this week :-) I bet even my picky eaters would eat this.

  4. Alissa

    AndreAnna, do your kids eat essentially Primal, as well? Like, would they eat this salmon meal for dinner? I want to go Primal, but am a little bit worried about my 2 year old son, who eats what we eat. Hoping he can go primal and not miss the bread. Or that we all can go Primal and he can “cheat” and I just won’t eat his toast… Thanks!

    • AndreAnna

      No, our kids don’t eat “primal” right now but I do put what we’re having on their plate every night. My daughter, 4, is easy and loves “steak” (anything red meat), chicken, some fish, eggs, and fruit. She will eat some veggies but not all. My son, 2, is very picky and eats a lot of cheese, fruit, peanut butter and yogurt. He;s not a bug meat or veggie eater.

      So yes, there are some crackers and bread in the house (although we are gluten-free) and I just don’t eat them.

      Also, they do go to preschool and daycare where I don’t monitor what they eat there. (At least not right now) We are in the process of testing them both for gluten intolerance and Celiac (as it is genetic and Mike is positive) and those tests results will be ready in a few weeks and we’ll go from there.

      Hope that helps!

  5. disclaimer: this has nothing to do with the recipe, which looks delicious.

    The first half of this post is why I have a History AND a Statistics degree. I always loved history and the freedom to write and make conclusions and the read a new book and change your mind and write more. .. and then I found statistics, which would give you a right answer. All the time. When I was done with stats homework, I was done. It was right, or it was wrong, and I loved that cut and dry. History let me keep going, which was wonderful, but balancing with the structure of history: LOVE!
    (it wasn’t until grad school that I fully realized how creative you can with numbers in statistics. HA)

  6. KW

    Cooking this recipe for the second time tonight. This was maybe the best thing I’ve ever cooked. Super easy and tasty as can be.


  7. Don’t care for pecans but the salmon and pear sound divine!


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