Better-Than-The-Fancy-Restaurant French Onion Soup

First of all, I realize I am probably going to injure myself with all of this patting myself of the back lately but this soup was DAMN good. It wasn’t the first time I’ve made this but it was the first time I used the crockpot to caramelize the onions first. Yes, this added many, MANY hours to the recipe. But it’s a winter weekend in Iowa. Where the hell else am I going? And I honestly think it made the difference. You don’t have to use the crockpot method and can just caramelize the onions in a large soup pot (this will still take a good long while but not nearly as long as the crockpot). Also this makes a LARGE batch of soup. Everything I make lately, I make for an army. I think I have this zombie-winter-apocalypse fear and want to make sure our freezer is stocked with nourishing and delicious food. You know, because frozen zombies move REALLY fast. Anyway, half the recipe if you don’t want a bajillion ounces of French Onion Soup (the zombies: they are coming!).
After three hours…

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