Crockpot Rotkohl (German Red Cabbage)

Dec 14, 2010 by

My father was born and lived in Germany until adolescence. A lot of the food we grew up eating was traditional German fare my mother learned to make for him: spätzle, sauerbraten, marzipan. There was a lot of sauerkraut, mustard and trips to German delicatessens in the area. Maybe I love the food because it’s in my blood. Maybe I love it because it’s strong and potent-flavored and I don’t take kindly to anything weak.

Since next week is Christmas (I KNOW! Holy bananahammocks, Batman) I am going to share some of my favorite traditional holiday meals and sides, and this red cabbage is one of them. I think this is one of those foods – much like my beloved Brussels sprouts – that either you love or hate.  I adapted my mother’s recipe only slightly, using a crockpot, honey instead of sugar, and mulling spices in a cheesecloth. Other than that, this is a famous Weber traditional recipe that I hope you enjoy.

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  1. We have been invited to a Holiday Party that we are to bring a German Dish, and I am bringing your Cabbage. It looks wonderful and thank you for sharing it.

  2. Glad to see a German dish! Stop onby I will post German cookie recipes in a few days.

  3. gracie

    I didn’t realize how much our German heritage influenced my family’s foodways until I figured out in high school that not everybody had a bowl of kraut and wieners on the table at every supper.

    Kraut is still my biggest comfort food.

  4. Ron

    My Danish grandmother always used clove instead of raisins. I love this stuff!

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