Turnip and Rutabaga Latkes

Dec 8, 2010 by

Everywhere I look lately there are latke recipes for Hannukah, and though I’m not Jewish I’m pretty sure you don’t have to be to love fried potato medallions. So I got my brain wheels turning and came up with a way to use the ginormous turnip and rutabaga we picked up at the farmer’s market this weekend while still getting that fried-potato-like yumminess.

I have to admit, I had never used a rutabaga before but they look similar to a turnip. Or Humpty Dumpty.

They have a more mellow taste and a yellower color. The have a similar consistency to a potato or parsnip and have been traditionally used in soups and stews. But I’m me and figure, why the hell not a latke, right?

I used cooked butternut squash, egg, and buckwheat flour as the “holderer-togetherer” (SO a word!) and pan fried these in grapeseed oil. You could use any flour I surmise as well as any kind of squash (maybe even canned pumpkin!). The sweetness of the butternut quash and the peppery slight bitterness of the turnip makes this so unique and delicious. We served it with sour cream and chives, although my mother ate a whole plate this morning for breakfast with unsweetened applesauce so it seems the flavor can go either way!

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  1. Hi! I just came across your site in my internet travels! I’m loving your recipes! Thanks so much for sharing..these are great!

  2. Liz

    I had a hankering for Latkes the other day…Did you ever go to Honey’s in Philly when you were regional? Wow, are their latkes spectacular. I’m a sour cream junkie as well, so I’ve truly missed Potato Madness since going Primal. Mark’s Daily Apple has a recipe for Root Vegetable Hash that I also smother in sour cream and/or ketchup, which probably has a bit of the same crispy deliciousness of this recipe (and which also probably defeats the purpose of being “Paleo”). I bet a pinch of grated cheddar would be yummy with these as well. Trying ASAP!

  3. Jessica

    What’s a good trick for a beginner to learn how to make latkes without them being a pile of mush? I’ve tried twice and I can’t get the fried-potato-likeness. I had the same trouble with the acorn squash breakfast hash. I loved the flavor but I want them to hold together and get crispy like they’re supposed to.

    • AndreAnna

      The acorn squash hash IS mushy – it’s the nature of the squash. I do get is crispy by using real butter and letting it cook a bit (up to 5 minutes) on medium heat before tossing it again. And it doesn’t really hold together. I just formed it together for the sake of the photo.

      As far as the latkes go, maybe try adding another egg? or egg white? Perhaps more flour? What kind of oil are you frying it in?

      • Jessica

        Ok so the acorn squash hash was fine then. For the latkes I was using coconut oil. I’ll try to add more flour and another egg next time. thanks!


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