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I got another email – this time on a way less depressing topic than the last – from a friend/reader who had this question:

My baby is due early February. I would like to make some freezable meals in January that I can shove in the oven straight out of the oven once baby is here. I’d like to make them paleo-friendly, to see if I can combine the power of breastfeeding with a paleo diet to maximize weight loss. Do you have any recommendations for make-ahead meals?

I told her I would think on it, come up with some ideas and then turn to you guys for some help.

My first thought, especially since it’s going to be winter: SOUP, STEW, CHILI. Lots and lots. They are SO nourishing and can be packed with tons of protein and veggies and can offer you a really-well balanced meal in a short period of time. You know, like the 30 seconds you have after nursing before your baby spits up and then the dog barfs and then the toddler puts Scotch tape all over the cat and the phone rings and then the baby starts crying to eat again because he just spit up all his food. (AHMAHGAH, PTSD FLASHBACKS! TAKE COVER!) (I mean, yay new babies!).

And they don’t have to be plain chili or boring chicken soup (although who doesn’t love a chicken soup?  Well, except chickens, I guess. I digress.) Here’s a link to my soup/stew database and here are some other great soup/stew/chili recipes I’ve come across and recommend:

Dani Spies: Bison, Bean and Chocolate Chili
Health-Bent: Pumpkin Chili with Orange, Coriander and Avocado Cream
Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen: Potato and Leek Soup
Sweet Potato Curry Apple Soup
Chicken-Tender: Tom Kha Gai (Thai soup)
Cosmopolitan Primal Girl: Fiesta Stew
Everyday Paleo: Caribbean Seafood Stew
Joyful Abode: Comforting Cauliflower Soup
Primal Kitchen: Smoky Autumn Beef Brisket Soup

Meat sauce is also a great way to get protein and veggies in and you can throw it on top of spaghetti squash in a pinch. You can use the one I made this week as my “filling” for spaghetti squash pie.  It’s super easy.

I’d also recommend making some of my Grain-Free Biscuits – maybe some without the savory ingredients – so you can make a quick “sandwich” with some leftover meat or pick up some nitrate-free deli meat at the store. My local SuperTarget has started carrying AppleGate Farms Organics  and Hormel now makes an uncured, nitrate-free line.  I can confirm that the biscuits do freeze well. Just put them on a cookie sheet individually, freeze, and then bag up. Let sit on counter for 20 minutes or so and toast to make extra yummy! Or just slather with some butter and serve with a couple of fried eggs to get a high-protein high-fat meal.

Fritaatas/Quiches! Eggs, veggies, even potatoes if you want some extra carbs, meat! But instead of making them in a big casserole dish, bake them in muffin tins. Freeze and bag! You really can use any ingredients you want, but here’s a great one from The AnitHousewife: Italian Frittata and two from Jan’s Sushi Bar: Roasted Red Pepper and Poblano Quiche. and a Sweet Potato and Caramelized Onion one!

Also, homemade Lara bars or grain-free granola bars. I’ve been living on these for breakfasts lately – they’ve got protein, fats, and good fruit carbs. Note that my Lara bars DO contain an egg so they can spoil. Keep infreezer until ready to eat if not going to eat all within two days. Um, not that I’ve ever done that before. Nope. Not me.

You can make some grain-free chicken nuggets or fish sticks and freeze them raw on a cookie sheet and then bag them up. Pop them in as you need them.

Okay, I’m all linked and puttered out. Now it’s your turn, my trusty Real Foodies! Help out a fellow momma here and offer some suggestions for some make-ahead meals so she can enjoy her beautiful new baby this winter. Links would also be great if you’ve got them.

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  1. Mcmama

    Can I just enlist someone to make all that stuff for me and ship it out in dry ice about early May? Even though I’m not going to have a baby to care for, I’ll be recovering from birth and then pumping for a good long time. These are great ideas, even for late spring!

  2. This totally made my night. So honored to make the pregnant reader’s potential soup list! THANKS. :) Good luck to all you mommies-to-be planning your freezer menus!

  3. Jan

    Count me in on the “honored” list! Wow!

    My Chicken Chile Relleno Casserole and Crazy Cabbage are good, hearty dishes that might freeze well, too.

  4. Gimmy

    Thanks, AndreAnna! I’ll let you know which ones I make and how it all works out.

  5. This is a great post for the season! Thank you for the great ideas!

    I would like to add some crock pot/slow cooker meals that are so simple and can just cook overnight or during the day to leave you with a family feast and leftovers. Here are some suggestions I’ve tried and enjoyed:

    Crock Pot Spiced Whole Chicken by the Nutty Kitchen

    Crock Pot Chicken from Norcal Strength and Conditioning

    and my own flavorful dish:

    Slow Cooker Coconut Curry Pot Roast

    Hope these help! Good luck to the expecting mom! So excited for you!

  6. Liz The Insane

    This is excellent, and not just for pregnant moms to be! I have the worst time at breakfast because I never have time to cook anything and of course I don’t want to eat cereal, blech.

    And of course I need something that keeps and reheats well for lunches at work.

    I will say that the chicken nuggets are the bomb diggity. TASTY YES

  7. FYI I saw ‘naked’ chicken nuggets with no breading at Costco the other day. I haven’t looked at the nutrition label though.


  8. I haven’t tried this yet but Mark Sisson has a Primal Breakfast Casserole recipe that looks delicious. It can be frozen until you’re ready to bake it.

  9. Just so ya know, ground beef in a high quality pasta sauce with a bit of coconut oil makes an awesome snack. For a meal, just stir in a bit of sauteed veggies (I like cabbage/chard, but pretty much any veg will do). It’s almost like a thick spicy stew the way I make it. I sautee a huge batch of the veggies at once, and then freeze them in single serving portions so that I can drop them in a pan with some left over sausage, or toss into the meat sauce at will.

  10. Liz

    I just saw this! I don’t know how I missed the link-back. You rock, AA. For realz. I am suffering the pain of a broken oven and scrolling through LAAP for inspiration, and I’ve found plenty of that and then some. So glad to have found your blog!


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