Turkey Soup with Leek and Parsnips

Nov 29, 2010 by

It’s no secret I love the parsnip and use it’s peppery goodness as a substitute for mashed potatoes: the consistency is similar and the flavor is unique but not overpowering. And leeks are always a good addition to a hearty, robust soup.

On Thanksgiving, I stole the 24-pound turkey carcass from my sister and a 5-gallon soup pot from my mother. I put the carcass (and all the drippings left in the pan) in the pot with 4 tbsp apple cider vinegar, celery, onions, carrots, and filled it to the top with cold, filtered water. I cooked it from 10a-10p, shut the burner off, let it cool over night and in the morning, I had this:

I froze half and with the other half, I made this soup. If you have leftover turkey, this is perfect. Or if you’re like me and didn’t host Thanksgiving, you can buy a turkey breast and use that – they’re on sale this week, trust me!

This soup makes a large batch; feel free to half it if you want. Personally, I freeze all I can this year for fear of my first Midwestern winter and being unable to make it to the store.

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  1. I just subscribed to your blog today after seeing your mention on MDA. I opened my reader right after posting about the leftover turkey soup we made with the turkey broth that simmered for about twelve hours, and the only unread post was this one. Spooky! :-)

    • AndreAnna

      Wow, just went through your site!! You have a lot of cool ideas ans recipes too! Keep up the awesome work and thanks for visiting!


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