Whiskey Pulled Pork

Nov 2, 2010 by

There’s very few things I like in life better than booze Taye Diggs’s assnaps, a good meal. But when the planets align and I can combine two of my loves, I’m a happy woman. My oven is still broken and I think pulled pork should always be made in a slow cooker anyway, so I used my crock pot for this. I literally threw all the ingredients in before I left for the gym in the morning and it only needed 10 minutes of prep once it was cooked. And lawdy jeebus, it was GOOD. So tender, with a slight whiskey taste (and I don’t even LIKE whiskey normally), and a hint of citrus.

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  1. Laurie

    OMG – I am making this on Wednesday (got to get the ingredients tomorrow). It looks deeeeeelicious!!!

  2. Imagine how good that would be if you could eat it while staring at Taye Digg’s ass…

  3. Hubs definitely plans to make this! It looks so good!

  4. I’m usually not a fan of whiskey in cooking (can’t even stand whiskey BBQ sauce normally) but I love pulled pork, so maybe I’d like this.

    All that being said, it looks really tasty.

  5. Mmmmmm – that looks GOOD! I love the slow cooker recipes, nothing better than coming home after a long day at work to heavenly smells and dinner is DONE.

  6. Katie

    I’m going wheat free right now due to a wheat allergy–where do you find Grain free whisky? I’ve had to give up my every-now-and-then Manhattan and I REALLY miss them…

    • AndreAnna

      Hey thanks for your comment!!

      Unfortunately, I don’t use any specific whiskey. My husband, who tested positive for Celiac, has done a ton of research and whiskey is fine for those with gluten issues:

      “Scotch whiskey is made from barley, but gluten/gliaden do not distill into the finished product. Scientific tests cannot detect even traces of gluten in distilled spirit…”

      Here are some links:

      It seems most distilled liquors do not contain any traces of grain when finished. However, some caramel colorings and added flavors can contain gluten, so it’s important to know your brand.

      If you’re allergy is more specific to another aspect, such as the wheat itself, I’ve heard of a few allergy brands, such as Sierra Nevada?

      Unfortunately, most grain alcohol is made from, well, grain. However, most of the “grain” properties are not retained in the distilling process.
      I guess it’s best to ask your doctor for specific information regarding what alcohol you can and cannot have.

      Instead of whiskey for this recipe though, a cider would also work great and be delicious, such as Woodchuck. If you decide to try it let me know how it comes out!

  7. Zoot

    First a statement of fact: I have never bought whiskey before. I had to call my friend to find out where to go to buy it. I may use the Woodchuck cider recommendation though b/c I’m kinda lazy.

    Second a question: I couldnt find the meat wrapped in twine, so where do I get the twine stuff? Or do you have a store you would recommend for finding it already wrapped that way? (I am such a newbie sometimes I scare myself.)

    • AndreAnna

      You can get the twine stuff in a big roll at bed bath and beyond. Just ask someone and they’ll show you!

      Also the butcher at your local grocery store may be able to wrap one up for you if you buy your butt (heh) right from the counter.

  8. Nice level of information right here. There is certainly so very much data all-around about this subject that sometimes you cannot see the wood for the trees but you’ve pitched this at just the appropriate level so that the lay person can realize – thank you!

  9. Oh dear LAWD, it is 11pm and this pregnant girl is hungry for whiskey pulled pork.

  10. Jenn

    My butt (!) is in the crock pot now for Christmas Eve dinner for 10. Used Jameson, and fresh orange.

  11. Liz

    Did you know you can shred warm meat in your kitchen aid mixer? Just use the paddle beater, dump in hunks (about chicken breast sized work just fine) and start on low! Increase speed until shredded to your liking.

    SOOOO much easier than using two forks!!

    And thanks for the inspiration your site provides. If you can manage it, so can I.

  12. Rachel

    Hi – I just stumbled on your best site today while “working” and I CAN’T GET OFF!!!! Your recipes are all amazing….. the dog is adorable….I have a cockapoo Wally and he is my fluffy cooking shadow too!! And you are a wonderful writer! Thanks so much, Rachel

  13. Kat

    Just found this in my quest for a new St. Paddy’s Day meal. What whiskey did you use? I’m a big whiskey fan, and will be making this for bigger whiskey fans.

    • AndreAnna

      I used Jack, but it would work with any whiskey really for the cooking part. When you add the juice back in, this would be when quality would matter and you could add in some top shelf stuff, like a good rye.

  14. Andy

    No E in scotch whisky, you must be referring to the inferior American or Irish versions.


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