Grain-Free Flourless Apple Spice Bread With Maple Cream Cheese Frosting

Oct 18, 2010 by

“I really want a cinnamon roll,” says my sick husband on the couch. The same husband who has a positive Celiac antibody test.

“No, you don’t. Now shush and watch the game.” Miami is losing to Green Bay at this point and I think any whining is bad juju.

“Fine, then I want an apple turnover.”

“How about if you’re quiet, during halftime I finagle some kind of apple cinnamon bread to hit your cravings without having you fall off the grain-free wagon face first into a pile of nutiritonally useless calories?

“Fine. It better be good,” he snarks and blows his nose.

And thus, this was born. And LAWDY jeebus, let me tell you this:  It’s like apple CAKE! Moist, delicious, perfect for a fall morning’s breakfast (not that I’d know since I’m shunning baked goods for a few weeks till I beat this plateau). But the bite I had was amazing and I can actually hear the cake right now, calling me from the kitchen. Jerky cake.

The best part? This is ridiculously simple and easy and you should have all of the ingredients already.

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    So… if we don't have a food processor… how would we go about this? :)

    • JudyAnn

      I used my KitchenAid mixer and it worked wonderfully! Love this recipe!!!

  2. AndreAnna

    Blender would also work or a hand (immersion) blender. Do you have either of those?

  3. Jennifer

    Wish I saw this before going to the grocery store! We have everything except the cream cheese. I want to make this for breakfast tomorrow morning (although I'll have to actually make it tonight – there is not enough time in the morning to get 3 people at the bus stop on time and bake breakfast).


    I have a regular blender, yes. Not the other one. Maybe the other will be a useful investment (I imagine it's easier to clean).

  5. Anonymous

    What a great idea for a breakfast I never thought of it!

  6. ritelane

    What a beautiful blog you have…that is a LOT of work..taking and posting all of those pictures. They look like they belong in a cooking magazine! I just wanted to let you know that even though I'm not much of a commenter, I'm truly enjoying your blog. Thanks for all of the hard work. And to think you have another blog!

  7. Anonymous

    Do you think peanut butter would work with this? My son has a tree nut allergy so I would love to be able to share this with him instead of having to wait until he is in bed to enjoy it! :P


  8. AndreAnna

    Sharon – yes! I've actually made it with PB before but it will need less sweetener as most PB has sweetener added. Adjust to taste but it bakes up just the same!

  9. Anonymous

    So did the whining result in bad Juju? It's not clear who you wanted to win! :)

  10. AndreAnna

    I'm a Miami fan (don't ask why; it's a long story) and thankfully, they pulled it off in OT so his bad juju was squelched by the delciousness of this bread!

  11. Anonymous

    Thanks! After re-reading the recipe I don't see where you are supposed to add the syrup. With the nut butter?

  12. AndreAnna

    Gah – I edited it! It goes in with the nut butter, yes!

  13. Anonymous

    ;) hehe, thanks!


  14. Kaitlyn

    I feel like I should chime in here since I actually made this today (minus the icing). So good! I usually find grain-free baked stuff… well, crumbly and dry but this was so satisfying and good! You are amazing, woman.

  15. Nice new blog! I am linking to this awesome recipe on Sunday :)

    We do NOT have maple syrup but I believe we have honey… how do you feel about this substitution?

  16. charna scarpati

    This sounds sooo yummy! But I never seen almond butter in my grocery store, where would I get something like this? Could I sub with almond paste??


    • AndreAnna

      No, almond butter and almond paste aren’t the same thing, You can use any nut butter – peanut butter works too!

  17. Hands down, Apple’s app store wins by a mile. It’s a huge selection of all sorts of apps vs a rather sad selection of a handful for Zune. Microsoft has plans, especially in the realm of games, but I’m not sure I’d want to bet on the future if this aspect is important to you. The iPod is a much better choice in that case.

  18. Krista

    Thank you so much for sharing this! We just jumped on the primitive wagon and are so happy we can enjoy cake again!!! Thanks so much!!

  19. I tried the modified recipe from Elana’s Pantry for Thanksgiving and it did not go well. I later tried yours and added a 1/2 teaspoon of cloves and it was terrific. Like a very dense, very rich carrot or pumpkin cake. I’m just getting started with trying some gluten free cooking and this is an encouraging example of how tasty it can be…

  20. Hanna

    I made this today and it was fabulous! I subbed apple cider for OJ and added some other pumpkin pie spices. Yuu-um. So much more delicious, moist, and rich than working with gf flours (which I generally find too “beany”). I look forward to trying out some of your other recipes.

  21. Cat

    I just made this recipe and it is fabulous! I am counting carbs right now and eating Primally. By chance, do you know the nutritional value for this in fat, protein, carbs, etc?

  22. Anonymous

    hey,its shalom time to sign in,so here goes:
    ABSOLUTLY LOVE THIS RECIPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    MY KIDS WILL FREAK (in a good way)!!
    thanks and i owe you a million <3

    • Anonymous

      sorry but i love that name
      my kids will freak to (in a good way)

      • Anonymous

        HOW MANY KIDS?

  23. Anonymous

    three kids

  24. Amy

    This just came out of our oven. I added some cloves and used honey instead of maple syrup and apple cider instead of orange juice, since that’s what we already had. The texture was perfect! I will definitely make this again, maybe adding a bit more apple. Thank you!

  25. Kelly

    I love your recipes!. I can not wait to make this!.

  26. What size baking dish is this?
    Looks amazing!


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