Jersey boy. Alternately titled: life with my toddler

Oct 15, 2010 by

Scene: I was making dinner and the children were fighting, as usual. I watched Sawyer hit Charlotte and miss, and he fell forward onto the couch. No damage was done, except to his pride. He came running to me, tearfully. I, of course, being the awesome mom I am, grabbed my iPhone.

Him: MOM-AAA. Momma! Hey Momma!
Me: Yes, baby?

Him: Wook! I gotta owie!
 Me: Where, I don’t see it?

Me: Um, Charlotte did not hit you. I was right here.

Him: I WILL CUT YOU! (Translated from Toddlerese: SNARFBLURGH HABIKFROT RAWR!)

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    Such a cute baby!!!! Adorable!!

  2. athleticmonkey

    I feel sort of bad that I can't stop laughing at that last picture…but not bad enough to actually try to stop laughing at that picture

  3. Kristin....

    Yep. It's awesome when you call them on it, isn't it?? :)

  4. Alice

    haha! i can't tell if i'm laughing at that last picture because it's funny, or if it's because i'm legitimately terrified.

  5. Andrea

    Is it wrong that I often think of changing my name to something other then Mama when it is stuck on repeat coming out of my toddler's mouth? And, I'm pretty sure apple developed the iPhone specifically so parents can document the craziness of our kids!

  6. SciFi Dad

    We have the opposite situation. Both kids will be in the other room – barely out of visible range – and suddenly my son will come in screaming, immediately followed by his older sister yelling, "I was barely touching him!"

  7. Catch the Kids

    He is good. I loved how he upped it as you didn't play the game. The last shot just made me laugh. iPhones are totally awesome

  8. Jennifer

    OMG that last picture is fabulous. HA. THE RAGE!!!!

  9. nonsoccermom

    Hahahaha, the last picture is awesomely hilarious!! I fear the damage that little dude could cause if he and my 2-year-old daughter ever teamed up. She is the exact same way. Funny and scary all at the same time.

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