Bacon and Crab Stuffed Mushrooms

Sep 13, 2010 by

Now if we’re being honest, I hate mushrooms. I WANT to like mushrooms. I like mushroom FLAVOR. But it’s the actual consistency of the mushrooms that I just cannot get past. They remind me of worms. And they kind of taste like dirt, so I think of eating an earthworm every time I try one. (I love sushi and squid so I don’t know why the thought of a worm bothers me, but it just does mmmkay!?! Maybe its because Anthony Starkow threw one at me in third grade and it got stuck in my hair and I freaked out and told on him and he got sent to the principal’s office and then punched me in the stomach after school. Ahem.)

And I keep trying! I’ve found I like them sliced thinly satueed with butter and onions over a steak. But my husband loves them so for the start of the Sunday NFL season, we made a bunch of primal appetizers. One of them was mushrooms stuffed with two of the best things on the planet – bacon and crab. I mean, how can it not be wonderful to combine sea life and a pig?

These came out delicious and even though I can skip the mushroom part, I ate the filling right out of the caps. The crunchy bits on top are crushed pork rinds. We only topped half with this because we weren’t sure how it was going to come out and it was AWESOME. Gave it a nice, salty crunch without overpowering the flavor of the stuffing. Feel free to use it or leave that part off.


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  1. Sunny

    OMG those look wonderful!!!

  2. MadameQueen

    Holy cow those look good. I'm definitely going to have to try these!

  3. Jan

    That noise you just heard was my stomach growling…

  4. Dan

    Oh man I am soooooo going to be cooking some of these recipes. Your a genius in the kitchen!!!! I just wish I wasn't so hungry right now!

  5. AO

    I will TOTALLY be making these for a Thanksgiving hors d'oeuvre! Thanks for posting!


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