Grain-Free Savory Country Biscuits

Aug 19, 2010 by

IMG_3412 Last week, I made Elena’s almond drop biscuits from the Almond-Flour Cookbook and they were awesome. This week, I wanted something more savory and lighter, fluffier, I could use as a bun or a biscuit to sop up runny eggs. I don’t miss pasta. I don’t miss most grain. But occasionally, I do miss a good biscuit to dip in my runny egg or to eat with soup, ya know?

So I looked through a few of the books I had and I kind of took information from all sides and made my own recipe loosely based on the Onion Biscuit recipe from the Grain-Free Gourmet cookbook.

And let’s just say: GAME. CHANGED. Seriously, according to my husband these were “the best thing I’ve baked since going primal.” They are awesome. They do require a small amount of dairy and I am not familiar with replacers for this, so if anyone has any good info on that, please share in the comments. I’m also going to try to remove the savory ingredients to try and just make a plain biscuit which may satiate my unending need for a goddarn peanut butter and jelly sammich.

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  1. Jan

    I don't much miss bread, but I GOTTA try the peanut butter/banana/bacon burger thing. Oh, yes indeedy.

  2. Barbi

    That looks so good! Just tracked my almond flour (still in Kansas…boo).

    Thinking about trying to combine some coconut yogurt (plain), with the thick part of some canned coconut milk, and some arrowroot powder in place of the dairy. Once my flour arrives, I will see what I can do and let you know.

  3. leslie (crookedstamper)

    I'm not even primal, and I'm going to try these! Thanks!

  4. Diana

    Mmm – these look delicious, and the Elvis sounds amazing!

    I know it's no true substitute for peanut butter, but sunflower-seed butter can be pretty tasty too.

  5. Iris

    It's times like these that I really regret not being able to eat almonds.

  6. DawnRose

    Holy crap! Must…have…Elvis burger…..

  7. Sarah Lena

    So I got my coconut flour last night and remembered you made these, but I was lazy and just flipped open my (crappy, horrible, awful) Cooking with Coconut Flour cookbook that I also bought and found drop biscuits in there.

    It called for 1/3 cup of coconut flour. THAT'S IT. And I was all, "OH, coconut flour will last FOREVER if that's all I have to use in BISCUITS."

    Nope. It ended up using about 3 C and now I forever hate this cookbook and am off to order Elena's.

  8. Andrea

    Not only am I salivating over the Elvis Burger, but I'm loving you tons since you're a mother of small children and say "goddamn". Luv.

  9. Joseph Cuevas

    I'm doing primal too, but not eating dairy. Anyone have ideas of what I can do to substitute the dairy in this recipe? It looks amazing!

  10. AndreAnna

    Joseph, I dont know of any substitutions off hand, but what about an unflavored coconut yogurt? or soy?

  11. Hey, i’ve been reading this site for a while and have a question, maybe you can help… it’s how do i add your feed to my rss reader as i want to follow you. Kudos. Yours trully, Jacquelynn.

  12. Hmm. I wonder if these could be make to rise a bit more? These look a little flat for biscuits I remember. I love the ingredient list though. I just might try these :)

  13. Victor

    Baking powder instead of baking soda might leaven them a bit more. Worth a shot.

  14. Will be making these to go with cheesy chicken potato soup when company comes tomorrow night. I have a sneaking suspicion they’ll be the perfect complement. :)

  15. P.S. – a friend of mine tried these after seeing them linked to your page and she is HOOKED. Thanks again – this one goes in my “regulars” box.

  16. Eryn

    Holy moly. These were my first venture into grain/gluten free baking, and while I had my moments of doubt, the end result was I didn’t have much luck getting mine as pretty and browned as yours, any ideas? Thanks so much! Looking forward to trying more of your recipes! :)

  17. CdnSKmom

    I am so excited to try these today! I know it’s been awhile since this post, but has anyone made them dairy free with great success? I’m thinking I will try Tofutti “Better than Cream Cheese” instead of the sour cream, and just leaving out the parmesan, but would love to hear any other ideas! I can’t wait to have an egg sandwich again… and these look like they would be an awesome topper for chicken pot pie!

  18. Alissa

    Made these tonight to go with some chili I also made. They took about twice as long to bake as your directions say and they still didn’t get all the way brown. But I have already taste tested and OMG are they ever good! Thanks for the fab recipe!

  19. Kara

    Where can I buy massive amounts of almond flour at an affordable price? I could eat that stuff all day and all night, but I am a single mom and full time student and can’t afford to use it often.

    • DRod

      Almond Flour is just ground up, blanched almonds. I buy blanched almonds from Whole Foods (4.98/lb as opposed to 13.99/lb for the flour) and grind them up in my Magic Bullet.

  20. Sarah

    Dude, try adding honey to your Elvis!!! Amazing.

  21. Becky

    I made these to use as the base for stuffing. Ran out of almond flour so swapped in a cup of cashew flour. And I eliminated the water as my batter was already pretty gloppy. Perfection! Taste and texture both spot on! Ateone with some butter right out of the oven and making the stuffing today as a trial run for thanksgiving next month.

  22. Holy crap, these are tasty. I made them today so I could have LC stuffing tomorrow. I wasn’t all that interested in having the biscuits, (I love me some stuffing!) but I decided to try one when they came out of the oven. I ended up eating the whole thing because it was so tasty. Thank you for the great recipe! I used green onions in place of the chives and used my magic bullet on the wet ingredients. It came together relatively quickly and I’m super excited to have a bread substitute for when I need it. Can’t wait to taste the stuffing! Thanks!


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