Autumn Coconut Curry Bisque

Aug 18, 2010 by

I really hate summer; specifically, I really hate THIS summer. So when I got another acorn squash in my CSA this week, I decided to say eff off in the best way possible. Make soup! Not just any soup, but a creamy thick warm bisque. IN YOUR FACE, SUCKASS SUMMER!


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  1. Saly

    ….Leaving work to go make this NOW!

  2. DawnRose

    You are crazy, lady! I like it!

  3. Jan from the Sushi Bar

    While I'm enjoying summer immensely (I moved from Texas to northeast Ohio five years ago and positively LOATHE winter), all I can say about this recipe is, oh MY.

    Now I want an acorn squash. Bet it would by lovely with butternut squash, too.

  4. Nenette AM

    Perfection! I was just wondering what to do with my lone lonely can of coconut milk other than the usual Caldereta I make with it. xo

  5. LizScott

    So, you know what would have been really helpful while I was making this? If I, you know, READ PAST THE INGREDIANT LIST.

    I might have then saved myself from just tossing *everything* [except the butter]into the crockpot from the get-go and going "See you in 4 hours!" DOH

    Oh well. It's done now – I'll let you know how the slackers method of this meal works out :)

  6. AndreAnna

    Honestly Liz, I think it will be fine. I always keep a bad of what I call "soup fixins" in the freezer – onions and the leafy heads of celery I've used from the stalk to eat – and always saute them in butter first when making a soup. I think it helps bring out some of the flavor.

    But since it's going in a crockpot, I don't think you'll notice too much difference. Let me know how you like it.

  7. LizScott

    If I hadn't already washed my peeler, I'd totally throw in a small sweet potato that's been sitting around. Shoot! Next time :D

  8. adventuresofanurbanhousewife

    I'm going to make a run out for the acorn squash and coconut milk and make this tomorrow. I have everything else sitting around with no real plan for it and now I do have a plan! Yum.

  9. TheEconLady

    I'm making this as I type this. Instead of peeling and dicing the squash, I put it in the oven and scooped out the insides. I'll let you know how it tastes tomorrow. Thanks for another fun recipe to try.

  10. Liz the Insane

    Beautiful…I have three acorn squashes, and didn't know what I was gonna do with them! Now I know!

  11. LizScott

    Ok, so with a few changes to accomodate what I actually had in the house:
    Added in :
    – Half a sweet potato
    – some left over mashed cauliflower (make this, it's so good: steam two heads of cauliflower. Throw in a blend w/minced garlic, butter if you want it. Blend. Done! NOM). Anyway, threw some in the crock pot as I knew it'd blend up with the rest and add some thickness.

    – Added in some curry paste for extra kick


  12. Anonymous

    Yum! I made this for dinner tonight!:) Thanks.

  13. dustin

    This looks so good. Because of the high sodium in virtually every soup (and tastelessness of those with lower sodium) I am going to be making and freezing large batches of soup for the winter. My high blood pressure thanks you.

  14. Meredith

    I am making this for dinner tonight. Perfect on a fall day like today. Super easy too!

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