Rosemary Olive Oil Bread

Jul 14, 2010 by

For people who think you have to give up bread going Primal, I give you this:



There is no rule that says bread needs to be made from white flour. I’ve adapted this recipe from this book. I’ve already mentioned it twice and I can’t get enough of it.

This bread is a perfect accompany to a chicken salad or toasted with some goat cheese and tomato. It’s savory and the rosemary taste is rich and delicious.


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  1. DawnRose

    Hey AndreAnna,
    I'm loving your blog. I just started primal 6 days ago, and I have a blog too, I mentioned your scale-tossin' post! Please check it out…tell me what you think:)

  2. randomstuff

    I love rosemary with garlic. Do you thing adding a clove or two of finely chopped garlic would taste good? Or would it just be too much?

  3. Tara

    Um–can you tell us how much almond flour to use? It's not listed in the ingredients. :-)

    Can't wait to try this–thanks!

  4. Robyn

    I will be making this bread PROMPTLY! This cookbook really is awesome.

    (you forgot to mention how much almond flour is needed)

  5. AndreAnna

    Randomstuff – I think you can experiment with anything your taste buds want! I love rosemary and garlic together too! Maybe start with 1/2 a fresh clove and see how it goes?

  6. AndreAnna

    Thanks guys, I put in the amount of almond flour needed. It was 1/4 c. I knew I shouldn't have written this so late last night. Ha!

  7. LizScott

    Talk to me about how important the arrowroot powder is. And possibly talk to me about WHAT arrowroot powder is ;)

  8. LizScott

    Wait, wikipedia to the rescue:
    "The lack of gluten in arrowroot flour makes it useful as a replacement for wheat flour in baking. Like other pure starches, however, arrowroot is almost pure carbohydrate and devoid of protein, thus it does not equal wheat flour nutritionally.

    Arrowroot thickens at a lower temperature than does flour or cornstarch, is not weakened by acidic ingredients, has a more neutral taste, and is not affected by freezing. "

    Ok, then. I will not skip on the arrowroot :)

  9. AndreAnna

    Liz – You got it. The arrowroot holds the bread together basically. However, it IS pure carbs, so though this bread is grain-free, it is NOT carb-free.

    There are a few other thickeners out there – guar gum, Xantham gum, Agar, but I don't know how to use them in baking yet.

    So, use this bread as a grain-free replacement for read bread but use it sparingly if trying to keep carbs low.

  10. Barb

    Thank you so much for posting this! I'm going to get the arrowroot and a couple other things this weekend.

    Found out today that I can make a primal egg replacer for K out of ground flaxseed!

  11. Jessica

    Yes! I've been waiting for this since you emailed me the other day about it. Arrowroot will be purchased in the next day or so and then this is going in my belly! And now I have to make spinach dip too! Thanks for posting!

  12. Emily

    I would love to go primal – but I'm allergic to tree nuts – esp. almonds. Is there any way to do this without nuts?

  13. Jenn

    Wow! Very cool. I love seeing people adapting recipes to fit their lifestyles. I don't do primal but I definitely limit grains. Some day I'd like to experiment with baking. I've never really been much of a baker at all.

  14. Amy

    I’ve been eating low carb on the Atkins way of living for the past 5 years or so. After I started the diet, I really enjoyed the extra energy I have while eating low carb and it has increased my blood chemistry as well! I’m very thankful to Dr. Atkins. I would really recommend it to anyone looking to adopt a new healthy way of living.

  15. Sally

    This bread ACTUALLY just changed my life. Sandwiches are the #1 thing I miss being primal. Not because I love bread, but because they are so EASY. THANK YOU! 2 Questions: 1) What temp do you bake this at? 2) How big is your loaf pan? I think mine is too big and my bread was squat. Delicious, but squat.

  16. AndreAnna

    Sally, yay!! Glad you liked it. I use a standard sized loaf pan but I use silicon so maybe that makes a difference?

    Also, cook at 325, sorry I missed that.

  17. Krissy

    I made this tonight. OMGOSH!!! So delish and so easy to make. Thanks for sharing!! I found an artichoke dip to make with it on the Joyful Abode site. YUMMY:-)

  18. Stacey

    Okay, wow. I’m REALLY impressed! This bread has the right consistency, the right look, and best of all, it doesn’t fall apart. My boyfriend and I have been primal for a while and have struggled to find something akin to bread. Well, we have to toil no more! I honestly didn’t expect it to be this amazing. I made it and let it sit out and cool down before I sliced it. We did the “okay, 1, 2, 3” and tried it together, watching each other’s face….and we were both like…wow, this is good. We’ve certainly tried many primal recipes that were okay, but which wouldn’t be made again. This one is a keeper for sure. Thank you so much!

  19. Anonymous

    Oven temp for this bread? 350? Looks yummy!

  20. jb

    350 or 325?

  21. KK

    This bread was wonderful – thank you! Great texture and didn’t fall apart – wonderful! I think I am going to try it with coconut oil in place of the olive oil and coconut in place of the cheese and rosemary for a little less savory for a little variety. This recipe will be made again and again! Yay!!

  22. Grace

    Hi there! Just tried this out and it tastes great, although a touch too salty for my taste even without the parmesan (which I didn’t have).

    I’m going to double the recipe and cook it in the same loaf tin so it has so more height, but we’ve already polished off half the loaf!

  23. I just made this recipe and have fallen totally in love. This recipe is seriously tasty – I can see why polishing off half a loaf would be no trouble at all. I didn’t add the parmesan and it was still delicious. I’m dairy-free as well as gluten-free so might try nutritional yeast next time. Have you experimented with any other herb combinations? I feel like this recipe is very versatile and would be so good with other flavor profiles as well. Thanks for sharing!!

  24. eatsleepswim

    This bread is AWESOME! Reminds me of pumpernickel.

  25. Bonnie

    OK, I am just starting to go wheat free and thought I would give this a go. I will admit I was the bigest skeptic when I saw this recipe but thought I would give it a go. Well….this is so good! The rosemary gives it such a nice flavour. I used cashew butter because at the last minute I realized I didn’t have enough almond butter.
    My batter rose in the oven and makes a pretty decent size (height wise) slice.
    Thank you!!

  26. Andrea

    This bread is excellent! I’m a personal chef and your bread recipe is a staple for one of my families. They cannot have dairy (so I leave out the parm) or arrowroot which I sub out with 1 T of coconut flour. Their 2 yr old daughter is a big fan too!


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