Grain-Free Mini Apple Pie Bake

Jul 5, 2010 by

This is another recipe courtesy of my husband who was apparently going to die in a fiery dramatic way if he didn’t satiate his apple puff pastry craving.

I picked up a bag of organic granny smiths and told him to “figure something out.” And that he did.

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  1. Robyn


    I ate apple pie on Saturday, knowing that I'd be going primal on Monday (I'll email you about that) and I was SO sad, thinking I wouldn't be able to have apple pie.

    I will definitely be making this one.

  2. zenkitty-714

    What's your source for the almond and coconut flours? I need a good gluten/wheat-free flour if I'm going to survive going low-carb/primal again.

  3. AndreAnna

    I buy in bulk because its expensive as hell from the "hippie" store.

  4. AndreAnna

    Ok, the link didn't link. Try this link

  5. dustin

    I LOVE your blogs. You are frickin' hilarious and post a lot of great information and insight but please look into agave syrup before recommending it. It's horrid stuff: There are other sources too. Just Google it and make up your own mind.

  6. JennieO.

    After seeing this post yesterday I was craving apple pie! I didn't have anything to make the "crust," and the apple filling is my favorite part, so I just made that and it was delicious! I used cinnamon infused honey and some allspice as well and baked it in the oven covered with tinfoil. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Kellylou

    Love your new site! I always have such a difficult time finding recipes I feel good about making. What's the difference between "going primal" and "clean eating"? The one thing that popped out at me was your use of coconut/almond flour instead of whole wheat, which would be okay in a clean eating diet.
    Of course, I'll snoop out info on ye olde internets, but I'd like your take on it, too! Thanks!

  8. AndreAnna

    Thanks Kelly!
    Primal means no grains or sugar.
    Basically, think about how we evolved and how our bodies were meant to function at its optimum to be the healthiest and most fit. Cavemen couldn't mill grain or process sugar.
    It's going back to a way of live (with of course some modern stuff thrown in) where our bodies can thrive with the good, clean fuel we put it in.
    Hope that helps.
    Go to and type in any question in his search box. Chances are he has an article on it.

  9. Caiti Jayne

    i made this today with apples and 6oz raspberries, into a bread loaf-size pan and it was DELICIOUS. sooo amazing! thank you!

  10. Jenni

    I made this tonight – DELICIOUS :)
    I have been eating primal since Feb’12 and am currently doing the whole life challenge. I have been craving something sweet and this fit the bill (minus the honey). I added in dates & sunflour seeds – thanks for a great, simple recipe!

  11. Mykel

    This looks delish! And sounds so simple. Two questions. Can I ground whole almonds to use for flour? Or can I sub an ap gf flour? I’d love to try the almond flour or coconut flour, but I don’t want to spend and not use but once.


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