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I put the scale away a couple weeks ago. I was getting on it twice a day and the numbers would alter how I felt for hours. So I had enough and put it away where it’s hard to get to and I can talk myself out of it in the time it takes to get it.

Today at the allergist, I got on the scale so they could give me the correct dosage of medication. I have lost 10 pounds in the three weeks of primal living. It’s nice to see that even though I feel awesome and am using that as a gauge of my lifestyle, that the excess fat is moving away. That my body is becoming the furnace I need it to be, burning fat for energy.

I won’t be getting on a scale anytime soon because I want to focus more on my body as a whole and not as a number. I want how I feel, how my body functions, and how the marriage of mental and physical activity change me to be the basis of my self-evaluation. Not a blinking number on a scale in my bathroom.

I’ve been starting each morning with what I call Fauxtmeal. I love having something warm in my belly to start the day and because of its fat and protein count, this keeps me full all the way past lunch. For those who feel they have to give up oatmeal, I offer this alternative which I promise you will taste just like those multigrain hot cereals if not better.

This recipe makes enough for two bowls. I bake it in individual ceramic corningware dishes for easy serving, but you could put it in one dish and serve it as you need it.

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  1. McMama

    20 minutes?! you should call it SLOWt meal. hahaha, I crack myself up. Seriously, it loks delicious. I used to make couscous porridge on a regular basis and it came out looking quite similar to this.

  2. Robyn

    Is the milk that goes on at the end in addition to the 1/2 cup that you stir in before it bakes?

  3. AndreAnna

    For me, yes. I like my "oatmeal" creamy so I put more milk on top. and stir it up.

    I fixed the recipe because I realized it could be a bit confusing. Thanks for the heads up!

  4. Melissa

    Do you think you could make this the night before and then reheat in the morning? I an NOT a morning person and could never see myself taking the time to do this before work however it looks really yummy and I could warm it in the microwave here in the office….

  5. AndreAnna

    Melisa – yes! I actually make mine at night for the morning. Also, you can microwave it – depending on the power of your microwave you ma have to mess with the times.

  6. Mrs. Ed

    I'm just going to have to bookmarkl this site!!

  7. Stephanie

    Awesome recipe! I make my own almond milk, and save the almond grinds in the freezer. I bet those would work great in this recipe.

  8. Whitney

    We're dairy free and I didn't want a strong coconut flavor (from co milk) and I didn't have enough advance notice to make almond milk so I just made this with water. The previously oatmeal loving child gobbled it up with some frozen fruit and a little maple syrup.

  9. Tara

    WOW. Just tried this for the first time. I made some minor alterations (ground up a mixture of pecans, walnuts & almonds for the almond meal, and added some vanilla), and it is awesomely delicious. Thank you so much!!

  10. Adriana Gutierrez

    I make something similar in a pan on the stove. In a nonstick pan mix:

    1/3 c almond meal or pecan meal
    1/4 c water or coconut milk
    1 egg

    Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly, until it thickens to the consistency of oatmeal. Serve with berries and cream or coconut milk. Enjoy! Pecan is my favorite as it is more like whole grain.

  11. Kymberley

    So, so good…..

  12. My whole family likes this, which is great cuz it’s a nice change from eggs in the morning. I was wondering which type of coconut milk you use in the recipe part–the kind out of a can or the unsweetened so delicious type?

    • AndreAnna

      I prefer Almond milk but if you’re going to use coconut, I’d use the So Delicious kind. The rest can be super-coconut-y.


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